3 Great Reasons To Use WordPress When Blogging For Money

It is no secret that many newbie online marketers find WordPress their blogging platform of choice when starting out on their blogging for money adventure.

WordPress is surprisingly versatile free blogging software. When used properly, a WordPress blog is capable of great search engine ranking with just a little effort from a newbie blogger or experienced blogger alike.

There is really not much learning involved with the WordPress blogging platform software and help can be found easily online.

When you’re finished reading this article you will understand more why the free WordPress blogging software is a very popular choice amongst even the most savvy blogging for money bloggers.

#1). The WordPress blogging platform software is totally free – (WordPress is “state of the art” software and it doesn’t cost a dime to download and use it, installed on your own hosting service).

And not only is WordPress itself free, but so is tons of optional software, in the form of “plugins” and “themes”, which you can find and download easily online for free.

#2). WordPress is “search engine friendly” right out of the box. (With the right plugins and on page search engine optimization it is easy to rank well quickly in the search engine results pages).

When you add a little off page optimization to the recipe,(in the form of article marketing and back links, etc.), hordes of targeted traffic to your “niche market blog” can be realized very quickly.

#3). It doesn’t take a techie genius to use WordPress! (Anyone who can use an email account can learn how to use the WordPress blogging platform software)

That’s right! Using WordPress is easy. Creating a great looking blog or even a website is a breeze using WordPress.

You don’t need to know anything about HTML or PHP, or any other kind of coding – period. WordPress is simple to use, and help is readily available

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