5 Essential Elements of a New Construction Inspection

It’s not perfect just because it’s new.

We all make mistakes. We are all human. To ensure that your new construction is built according to code and exactly as you intended, you should have it inspected by professionals.

It’s your money, right?

Are You in Need of a New Construction Inspection

Yes! Yes!

There are flaws in new homes.

This is a ride for the new construction. You will be the first to discover any kinks within the system.

When building a house, many things could go wrong. Many things could go wrong when building a home. These issues should be addressed before you close the door.

Here are five key elements to a new construction inspection.

1. Structure and Foundation

Foundation problems are not something to joke about. Homeowners often spend thousands to correct foundation problems.

Foundation and structure are the foundation of a house. Any problems can compromise the integrity of the home.

An inspector can check that there is adequate waterproofing, no movement or cracking and that the wood framing and roof are properly installed.

2. HVAC and Ductwork

Central Florida’s HVAC system is an important part of your home. You want it to work efficiently to keep your home comfortable. It is also expensive to repair if there are any problems.

Leakages in the ductwork and loose connections are common problems.

3. Insulation

Insulation regulates heat flow. Without proper insulation, you’ll notice an increase in your energy bills.

During construction, our inspectors will ensure that your home is properly insulated.

4. Doors and Windows

Mold growth and structural damage can be caused by moisture entering the home through windows and doors. New construction inspection in orlando will look for cracks around doors and water resistance.

5. Plumbing and electrical

Both of these systems need to be checked thoroughly. A small crack in a pipe or an improperly wired outlet can be hard to spot at first but quickly lead to complications.

Plumbing: We will inspect the water meter and heater and the service line and entry. To ensure that they work properly, pipes will be checked for corrosion or leaks. Valves and faucets will also be checked.

Electrical: A potential safety hazard can arise from an electrical problem. This is why it is important to have it checked by professionals. Your inspector will ensure that your new construction is equipped with the correct wiring, switches, and outlets.

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