5 tips on selling copper wires

Before you sell, sort your wires

Before you continue, please read our blog post on the different household wire types. When selling copper wire, the number one rule is to know how to sort them by their grades. This will ensure that you receive more money when selling your copper wires to any recycle yard. The copper content in each grade is different.

Remove insulation as soon as possible.

You will get a better return per kilogram if you can strip the wires to the scrap copper in sydney. However, it is important to consider the time and cost involved in removing the insulation. To protect yourself, you must wear gloves when removing the insulation to remove the copper.

As with diamonds, copper is more valuable than silver.

The wire’s value is generally determined by how much copper there is in relation to its insulation.

Profitable side business

Given the amount of electronic waste, scrap wire recycling can be a lucrative side-business. You can easily salvage a few kilograms worth of wires and scrap meals from any HDB area.

Get 3 estimates

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