7 Different Hose Reel Types


Hose reel is used to coil and wind a specific type of hose. It can be used to store the hose conveniently, protect it from punctures, and also to store it. This article will discuss the various types of hose reels that are available.

There are many types and designs of garden hose and water hose reels. However, the purpose of the hose reel is to keep the water hose clean and tidy as well as protecting it from damage and the elements. There are two types of water hose reels: stationary and portable.

Stationary Hose Reels

Stationary hose reels can be used to rewind garden hoses onto a reel. Stationary hose reels are simple in design but can be made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel and plastic. This will impact the price.

Hydraulic or portable hose reels

These hose reels can be used in mobile or portable settings. They are similar to a hand truck, or a dolly. These hose reels often have a manual crank that rewinds the hose onto the reel. They can also be moved on rubber wheels or heavy-duty casters.

Hose Reel Carts

Hose reel carts can be moved on wheels and are similar to portable or mobile hose reels. Hose reel carts can be either horizontally or table-like and have shelves or storage compartments that allow for quick connections or different types of water nozzles.

Hideaway Hose Reels

Hidden hose reels are available in freestanding and wall-mounted configurations. They usually have a box-like design that hides the garden or water line. Hidden hose reels often have a removable hand crank that can be used for rewinding a hose onto the reel, and then quickly being removed and stored away.

Decorative Hose Reels

Wall-mounted decorative hose reels use a manual crank to wind the hose. Many styles and colors are available for decorative hose reels that can be matched to your landscape or home. Decorative hose reels can be used to carry lighter-duty hoses, but are more decorative than functional.

Spring-Loaded Hose Reels

There are many types of spring-loaded reels for water hoses. They can be used to quickly retract water hoses with a spring-loaded system. Spring-loaded hose reels are more expensive due to the faster hose rewinding.

Air Hose Reels

You can use an air hose reel to coil, wind or twist air hoses. Nearly all air hose reels have a quick connect feature that allows for connecting hoses or power tools. You can find air hose reels in service centers, garages and gas stations that do maintenance, repairs, or service automobiles. However, they can also be installed in your garage or home workshop for occasional compressor use.

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