All About Home Inspections: Knowing about the additional things that can be covered in a home inspection

When you read about home inspections, you will generally come across physical inspections. These types of inspections are covered up by a very professional team. The inspections maintain a record of everything that has been inspected by the team.

These types of inspections are physical and have to be conducted on-site. But the home inspections are a lot more than that.

Try to hire the best home inspector in Tampa and collect more details about the entire process. Professional home inspectors will always be transparent about the entire process.

You as a client have to keep in mind that some parts of the home inspections may not be physically conducted. These types of inspections are generally conducted by the professional on special request. It requires a lot more in-depth research.

Square foot coverage

Firstly, keep in mind that not all home inspectors may be interested in calculating the overall square foot area coverage of the property. In general, this is a request made by the buyers if the property is big.

If there is an outdoor area that is not specified in the documents, then the buyers can request the home inspectors to provide full details related to square foot coverage. In this case, the home inspection team will usually depend on other contractor services.

These are mainly termed the appraiser services. They will calculate the square foot area coverage of the property and then provide a full report. They will measure the outdoors and indoors dimensions and then submit a full report.


These are often related to easements. If you go through the property title, then you can get familiar with the easement factor. But the language may not be simplified. Here you find that expert home inspectors are more helpful.

The home inspection team will go through the original title deed of the property. They will also verify the details compared with the original documents. Once this is done they will prepare a compete for the report.

Lot size

The actual lot size might be much different from what is mentioned in the property document. This will include everything that is included within the property boundaries. 

The professional home inspection team will provide full mapped details.

They will mark the entire boundary limits of the property. They will also mark the fence that has been put around the property. All dimensions will be accurately measured and recorded by the professional home inspector.

 A good home inspector will also verify all types of permits and zoning issues. They are aware of the city plans. This is one benefit you get when you hire one from the local market. They will verify the permit-related issues with the municipal offices as well.

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