All About Plasterboards and why they are Worth it?


What is Plasterboard?

A panel made of gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate) generally sandwiching between a facer and a backer is known as plasterboard. It is used to a large extent in making the ceiling and interior walls of a building. It helps builders to meet building regulations pertaining to thermal efficiency, fire protection, humidity, and insulation.

In case you are building a custom home, and planning to use plasterboards, the following interesting facts stated by experts of plasterboard fixing in Auckland can help you greatly in selecting the perfect material.

Ten Interesting Things About Plasterboards

Use of Additives

Adhesives play a big role in deciding the strength of plasterboards. 

Depending on the type of additives, builders decide why type of building the plasterboard should be used. For instance, it is a compulsion to use fire-retardant materials in office buildings. If you are using it in the bathroom, or kitchen, where the plasterboard will be regularly exposed to humid air plasterboards are mainly treated to make them water resilient. 

Layer of Gypsum 

Invented in 1900 by USG, plasterboards are made by pressing a layer of gypsum between two external sheets of lining paper. Additives are used here also, and there are different types of lining paper which vary to a great extent in weight and strength. And eventually, is the reason behind the different properties of plasterboards.

Standard Plasterboards

The standard plasterboards or the most commonly used ones mostly come with a square or tapered edge. While the square-edged ones are used for textured finishes, the tapered edge ones are ideal for both jointing or skimming. 

Resists Fire

Crystals containing a small quantity of water also referred to as water of crystallization is used to formulate gypsum, which makes paperboards fire-resistant. When there is a fire in the building it hits the wall and the ceiling, and it breaks the water in the crystals of the plasterboards, which in turn creates a cold temperature and restrict the spread of fire.

Acts as a Noise Insulator

Plasterboards with high mass core provide them with superior protection from the impacts of noise which travels through the air. They are much heavier than the standard plasterboards and can reduce noise or sound of a voice coming from adjacent rooms.

Ideal for Damp Areas

Are you are planning to build or redesign your bathrooms, or kitchens and install plasterboards? Never use standard plasterboard! Certain plasterboards are designed mainly to t10. You can apply wallpapersolerate moisture and extremely humid conditions – along with repellent liners, they are protected with silicone additives on both sides and are ideal for your rooms prone to damp.

It can be Flexible

Plasterboards layered with glass fiber and not lining paper, increase its strength while making them perfect for semi-exposed areas. In spite of having the high resistibility feature, they can also be bent and used on curved surfaces. This ultimate flexibility also helps designers to give high-quality finishing to your home or office.

Suitable for All Homes

The standard stud spacing of housing is 600 mm, and plasterboards are designed to suit it. They mostly come in sheets which are 1200 mm wide. However, in case of space crunch, you can also have the option of getting them in different other widths. 


Paper liners made or recycled paper are commonly used in paperboards contributes to a great extent in protecting our environment. The standard ones come in two sides – one ivory and the other brown. When your builder or designer is doing the plastering, make sure that they use the brown side of the plasterboard as it is specially designed for it.

You can Apply Wallpapers

If you want variety, you can use wallpapers on it, but remember to use a drywall sealer as this help to seal the air gaps and increase the longevity of the wallpapers.  

There are different types of plasterboards available in the diverse price range. Depending on the room and the use, select the one that best suits your budget. And now that you know there are a large variety of options available, it is best to discuss it with your designer before going ahead with your purchase decision. 

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