Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Windows

There’s no doubt that some of the simple chores around our homes are also one of the most difficult ones because it’s very easy to mess up the entire procedure. Cleaning a residential window inside your house might seem like a very generic task to perform, but at the end of the day it’s not just about what you clean but how you clean as well. 

Most homeowners out there make a myriad of mistakes when cleaning their house windows, which is why we want to step-in and thereby help you all out – in collaboration with window cleaning in Christchurch services.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Windows

  • Don’t Clean Your Windows On A Sunny Day

Many of us might think that cleaning windows on a sunny day is a good idea because it will be easier for the windows to dry up faster. But, contrary to popular beliefs, this makes the procedure much harder as well. This is because the blazing sunlight will make the windows drier, which means that you’ll face greater difficulties while removing streaks and stains. 

To get the best results, it’s recommended that you choose a dry but cloudy day instead of for cleaning your windows. 

  • Don’t Clean The Window Glass Without Cleaning The Frame & Sill

It’s suggested that you first clean the window frame and sill, before moving on to cleaning the glass. In that way, all the dust and dirt will be removed beforehand because otherwise, it might create a muddy mess when you’ll use water to clean the window glass. 

You can even consider vacuuming the window frame and sill. 

  • Don’t Be Reluctant To Use Store-Bought Window Cleaning Solutions

In case you find your windows to be extra dirty, then it’s suggested that you should use window cleaning agents along with your cleaning procedure. The cleaner will be able to dissolve and suspend the accumulated dirt & dust, which you can then clean with an easy wipe using a clean cloth. 

In the current market, there are multiple options for window cleaning agents that you can find to suit your needs.

  • Don’t Forget To Use Easy Available Cleaning Products Like Newspapers

Most window cleaning professionals out there believe that newspapers are one of the highly useful products when cleaning windows. If you want to achieve total spotless and flawless windows, then it’s better to use newspapers in bulk rather than cloths or rugs. Newspapers are highly absorbent and washable, making the window glass stain-free and shiny. 

Moreover, newspapers are also readily available everywhere, bringing the overall costs down and they can be recycled for further usage without any hassles leading to a sustainable environment.

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