Basic kitchen layouts that are famous worldwide

Are you designing your kitchen or wish to renovate it? Kitchen designing can be really fun and it is an exciting venture. There are a lot of things that you need to consider while designing the kitchen. You would have to measure the specific heights and depths and then outline the most important part of your kitchen. Here are a host of some of the best small, medium and big sized kitchen layouts with island that are famous around the world.

  1. U Shaped Design Layouts : This type of kitchen design is also known as the horseshoe design. It is when three walls create a U-shape in the kitchen. There are three countertops in place and this type of design is basically for larger spaces. Each area has a designated work station like the primary cooking space, a prep area and then adjoining countertop.
  2. L Shaped Kitchen Layouts : This type of kitchen design basically adjoins two counters that create a right angle together. This type of design is perfect to create the so-called “work triangle” which is encouraged in the kitchen. The l-shaped kitchen is perfect for multiple people to work around the same kitchen. Moreover, there is additional space also which is left for people to walk by. If you like to keep the kitchen spacious then this is a good design to consider. It also resembles the hamptons style kitchen which is considered to be really sophisticated and attractive.
  3. Galley Kitchen Layouts : If you have a small kitchen then a galley design is the perfect option. The galley design is also ideal for medium-sized kitchens. It basically has two countertops that are opposite to each other. This is a great design as everything is reachable and you can easily work in the kitchen. For the kitchen which is big, you can use Kitchen Island additionally.
  4. One Wall Kitchen Layouts : A one wall layout is among the most famous kitchen designs. It is the best way of saving a lot of kitchen space. Even though there isn’t anything like a kitchen triangle in this layout, it is very good for maximizing space. People can easily move around such arrangements and there is a natural flow of light and air also. Opt for this style if you like to keep all kitchen workstations on one wall itself. The remaining space can be used for keeping mobile furniture. You may also beautify the rest of the walls by adding paintings and wall hangings.
  5. G shaped Kitchen Layouts: As the name suggests, the G-shaped kitchen resembles the alphabet G. this type of layout only works for large kitchen areas. It is almost like a U-shaped kitchen but has a lot more benefits in terms of space. Moving around is very easy when you implement this layout. You can laminate kitchen benchtops to give it a shiny appearance. It easily creates a work triangle which makes the kitchen easy to use.
  6. Work Aisles with Walkways: It is important to have a balanced walkway as well as work aisles. The crowded work aisles can make it difficult to move around. You should make it a point to have a work aisle to be 42 inches long and the walkaway should be around 36 inches. Sticking to these standards would make sure that anyone can easily maneuver around the kitchen.
  7. Ideal Countertop Layouts: The countertop dimensions should be standard so that the work can be done easily in the kitchen. The right dimensions also mean that you can maintain a good posture while working. The height of a standard countertop should be 36 inches. Moreover, the bar top height has to be 42 inches.
  8. Landing Area Ideas : Landing areas refer to the open spaces wherein no appliances are kept. No matter what layout you use, make it a point to have a defined area for food preparation. If the landing area is next to the cooktop it should be 12 inches long. Similarly, a landing area next to the sink should be 18 inches long.

Thus, you can choose the perfect kitchen layout from the famous ones mentioned above. Take into consideration your requirement and kitchen space as well as the budget before making a choice.

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