Best Lawn Mowing Tips That Work Wonders


Lawns are beautiful, and they impart a sense of refreshment at first sight. While having a lawn can be amazing, maintain it might not be exciting in most cases. The best way to make sure if you did a successful job with your lawn, see if the appearance is satisfactory. With our modern lives, we cannot afford to put in a lot of effort, money, or time into lawn maintenance and mowing. These tips will allow you mow your lawn without any hassle.


Many people are not aware of the fact that lawn mowing, when not done correctly, can cause a lot of problems to your lawn. In case you choose not to mow your lawn, all your grass will grow very tall and would look super messy. There might be a growth of inconspicuous flowers in between grass patches that could infect your lawn because of their pollen dust. This will eventually lead to the destruction of the lawn. The grass will start thinning and will die out. If you over-mow your lawn, there won’t be healthy growth afterward. You should strike a healthy balance between the different levels of mowing. Companies that provide services of Lawn mowing in Auckland make sure that the process is done in the right way.


You would have probably heard people arguing about the right length for mowing lawns. As silly as it seems, it is essential to understand the mowing height that is preferred for every type of grass. After the process, the grass needs to be tall enough for it to heal quickly and maintain the robustness and health of its root system. The mowing process should make the grass look clean. A stemmy appearance will be unpleasant to look at. There is a specific strike of balance between the size of the grass blades, root system of the grass, and the length of those blades. These balances should be maintained so that the plant will look healthy and fresh.


You need to find the ideal cutting height for the kind of grass that grows in your lawn. In case you don’t have the idea, you can refer to grass height catalogs available on the internet for reference. When your grass begin to green up, you need to let it grow to at least 33 percent of the ideal height. At that point, cut it back by close to 33 percent to take it back to its perfect stature again. Keep cutting this way until fall. During the fall, most grass will go to a slightly dormant state, and there won’t be rapid growth.


Mowing patterns play a significant role in maintaining good lawn health. Make an effort to cut your yard in different patterns. Do not follow the same pattern. If you do so all the time, it might lead to the compacting of soil into trenches. Besides, grass will start inclining to the direction of mowing and will eventually begin to lean out. By cutting an alternate way each time, you will enable the grass to develop progressively upstanding and abstain from creating grooves on the ground that sometimes cause a lot of problems.


You need to pay attention to the moisture content. You must never mow your lawn when the grass is wet. The reason behind this is that the cutting pattern will be very uneven when the grass is wet. The mower clippings will get clogged in this case. Make sure your grass is relatively dry while you cut it. Another essential factor to take into consideration is that you need to make sure if the blades of the mower are sharp. A clean-cut is mandatory for the grass to grow back healthily. If the blades are blunt, then it will end up tearing and ripping the grass off. If the leaves of the grass get injured, it might invite infections and other plant diseases, eventually thinning the grass and drying it out. 

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