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Best Positions to Sleep to Tackle Back Pain


Many people suffer from back pain every year because of back pain. It is often occurred too many people because of stress or bad posture, awkward sleeping positions, and other lifestyle habits. It affects a person’s daily life while also not giving you good sleep at night. There are numerous positions that work for many people, here are a few common positions to sleep on your bed to tackle your back pain.

Best Sleeping Position For Lower Back Pain


Lying flat on your back sometimes makes you uncomfortable while sleeping then change over to your side. Make sure your right or left shoulder is in contact with the mattress along with the rest of your body. Now place a pillow between your knees and close the gap between your waist and mattress. But do not sleep on the same side for a long time as it might give you muscle imbalance. This will keep the hip, pelvis, and spine in better alignment. People who got used to sleeping on their front are advised to keep a pillow beneath their abdomen and keep your spine straight.


If you are troubled to have a herniated disc, you might want to try sleeping on your side curled in like a fetal. Go to your bed and roll on to one side, place a pillow to support the head and neck. Now curl your knees towards the chest inward until the back relatively straight. Your discs are soft cushions between the vertebrae in your spine. Sleeping on your side in this position can relieve you from pain because when knees are curled, it helps in opening up the joints of herniated discs.


Sleeping on your back is the healthiest position for your spine, considering the alignment of your head, neck, and spine. It also reduces pressure points and distributes the weight evenly along your body. Prefer keeping a small pillow underneath the knees, which provides extra support in order to maintain the actual position of the spine. Do not leave any additional gaps between your body and mattress; fill them with a pillow under the lower back part.


A mattress should be fully supportive and comfortable. Firm mattresses are often recommended, but medium-firm is better suggested for people with chronic back pain. It is advised to choose a smooth mattress if you are a person with wide hips and a firm mattress if you are a person with thin hips. Although the soft mattress is more comfortable but provides less support to your spine, a mattress that sinks too deep can lead to twist and loosen your spine alignment. If you have a spring mattress, consider buying a foam mattress topper that provides extra support. To increase the firmness, it is suggested to place plywood under the bed that does not let mattress to sink too much. If you are in Australia, buy mattress online Australia which provides you best mattresses for sleep.


Sleeping on the front is not suggested most of the time because it increases the risk of twisting your spine because your head is turned to one side, which usually increases stress on the neck, shoulder, and back. To prevent this, try lying in a face-down position. A nice pillow can be used to prop up the forehead, letting a little room to breathe. To achieve proper position, first, lie down gently and roll onto your front and align your neck with the spine by placing a pillow under your abdomen and hip. Now place a pillow or rolled-up towel under the forehead leaving you room to breathe.

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