Best Things You Need To Know About Google Glass

Google glass is a wearable and a voice-controlled device. It is an android device which looks like a pair of eyeglasses. It directly displays the information in the field of vision of user’s. This operating system is based on a  version of android and it can also run the apps known as Glassware. These glasses are consists of a built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. It also has a camera to take videos and photos. Now you must be thinking how to use Google glass?

How To Use Google Glass?

Put your glasses and make sure that it is fitting you properly. Keep the display just above your eye. If you are using the Google glass for the first time, follow some fitting tips and become comfortable with it. Use the power button and turn the glass. You will get a glass logo as soon as it will load. If you want to use it from a computer, you need to visit from a browser. Then sign into that account which you want to see or use through the glass. Accept the terms and conditions. Enter the password and network of the WiFi. Click on the show QR code. You will see white and black square code in your browser. Point your glass at the QR code. Just click to confirm. Align the square brackets in such a way that it will fit the corners of the QR code. Everything is set now and you are ready to use it. For more information, just get some basic tutorials for the same.

There are some cool features of Google glass which you should know, like:

  1. You can take pictures and record videos with the help of it. You do not have to touch the hardware, just say the word and it will record the video and click pictures for you. The device is consist of 4 GB flash memory, so the videos and photos will get stored in that. You can also share that file on social networking sites and can also email to a person.
  2. It will also show the text messages and the emails you receive. Not only this, but it will also allow you to reply with the help of voice commands.
  3. If you like googling things a lot, it is the right gadget for you. You will realize that this glass has made your tasks easier. You just have to ask a question and it will search it on the Google and give the answer to you. Suppose you ask where is Taj Mahal or about the photos of the monument. It will get the appropriate replies for you and you can see it on the small screen which will be in front of your eye.
  4. Google maps are very popular nowadays. We all use Google maps like anything as it is very useful for us. The google maps are integrated into the Google glass. It makes it easier for the users to plan their journey or to find the shortest way. With the help of voice commands, you can search any location on it.
  5. Live video sharing is also possible in this. If you are attending a function or a concert at your child’s school, you can immediately share it with your dear ones so that they can enjoy it. It will make them feel special and they will also experience a new way of technology.
  6. A digital voice assistant has been integrated with the device. It will keep a track of your daily habits like what route you take or at what time you reach the office. It will also give you some alternate routes where there will be less traffic. It also gives you weather updates so that you get a proper update on the same.
  7. One of the best features is that it can translate the sentences and phrase very well. If you are traveling abroad it can be a very great thing for you. Simply ask something from the Google glass and it will translate it for you from one language to another.
  8. It is tiny but has so many features in it. The best part is that it is light in weight but strong.
  9. As it has a built in GPS chip, you will never get lost and it will be easier for you to find your way.It is especially very handy when you are driving or when you are walking in a crowded street.
  10. It is purely dependent on the mobile connectivity or WiFi.
  11. It is already light in weight and soon it will be available in the five color options. It can be a perfect makeover for a person.

Release Date And Price:

It is available in UK but only as prototype or beta version. From January 19th, it got available in the market. A new version of Google glass that is Google glass 2 may arrive at the end of this year.


For a particular Google glass, you will be charged around 1,500 USD. A consumer ready or finished version may cost you less than this. Most of the people ask that does it works with normal glass? It is not compatible with normal glasses. Still google has launched some prescription frames which is consist of two twist on sunglasses. It is termed as titanium collection. You will find it in four different feather-like styles. Such as bold, thin, split and curve. Now you know how to use Google glass? And also some of the amazing features of it. Before start using it, make sure you research everything about it so that you can make a better use of it.

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