Keep Counting the Blessings if You Have a False Ceiling!


When you are planning to build a new home or redesigning your old one, ceiling is actually the most underestimated part in the décor. You just need a large covering on the top of your rooms — and that would be only covering the actual metal ceiling. What’s more to it? Did you ever give a thought to this subject? Well, the ceiling that you mostly don’t even think of when you are designing your home, is actually the expanse that any visitor notices on the first glance upon entering the room.  

Well, when ceilings are that important, then why don’t we give a little importance to it? The answer to this may be because – there has always been a misconception that ceilings should stay white, usually a flat board made up of either gypsum, wood, etc. And it hosts some lights and fans etc. But actually, with the changing trends in home décor, even ceilings have faced a huge revolution and can be designed and made the way you want — and look amazing toо.

Some benefits of installing false ceiling in your home!

The designer version of that flat ceiling is called a false ceiling. These are made in alluring designs by Total Paint with gib stopping in Auckland in order to hide your original metal ceilings and bring down the height of the room to a certain extent. Read below some more benefits of installing these false ceilings in your home:

  • Admirable aesthetic — You couldn’t doubt this plus point of adding a false ceiling in your room. If you are hiring a good workman, and have the cash flow to invest in its designer creation, then it surely adds a superb charm to your room. Even if you are not detailing it much, its basic smooth form too is enough to look good and add some beauty to the room.
  • Controls room temperature — Your false ceiling is inches below your original one, and thus there is a fine gap compartment between the two ceilings. This has air trapped in it, and air being a bad conductor of heat prevents the direct heat to reach the final surface. This means the direct sunlight and heat doesn’t enter your room and it stays far cooler (than the ones without this addition).
  • Reduces utility billsWhen you install the false ceiling, you most probably add the LED lights on it instead of direct lights. These lights are pretty good energy savers. Even the fan is situated at a lower height which means the cooler air reaches across the room better. Further, since direct sunlight is prevented from entering the rooms, the air conditioning bills get reduced too. Cumulatively, all these ensure a decrease in your utility bills considerably.
  • No visible tangles of wires — You know how untidy those tangled wires on the ceiling may look. With a false ceiling, you get enough space in the gap under it to conceal these wires. Thus, there are no visible bunches of wires to spoil the appearance of your home.

With these, we can just say one thing, the above factors point to only a single fact— you’d be actually counting your blessings once you install false ceilings in your home!

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