Want to Build a Granny Flat? Consider these First!


A family should always stick together through thick and thin, because if the family won’t stand beside a person during a difficult time, then who will?! Family is all we have on this planet to hold dear forever. So making all the future planning by keeping the best intentions for every family member in mind is the goal. Nowadays, majority of the families are nuclear. But if you want to fabricate a family structure consisting of children, parents and grandparents, you should make the future planning in such a manner that will ensure the family will stick together.

Sending away your elderly relatives to a care home is not the kindest or the wisest thing to do, after what they have done to make you what you are today. It is your responsibility to give them back the love and comfort they have given you. If you want to have some privacy and still want your elderly parents or relatives to stay near to you, then you can consider building granny flat in Perth. Transform in Perth is an eminent company which can customize all your needs into your home by renovating it, and can also build new spaces and homes.

Things to consider before building granny flats

If you have elderly parents, then you should consider redrafting house plans in Perth to make some extra space perfect for them. Rather than keeping them at an old age home, you can assure their comfort by building a granny flat attached to your house. With the help of an experienced builder, you can build that space and customize it in just the way you think it will be suitable for your elderly parents or relatives. Here are the things to consider before building granny flats:

  • Sooner the Better: Let us be honest, moving can be extremely stressful even for a teenager. So making an elderly person move can create a sense of complete exhaustion in them due to reduced tenacity. So, if you have an elderly person living with you under the same roof, then you need to make the decision of moving them to a granny flat with all the care and facilities fast. Old people slowly start losing their mobility, so holding on to this idea for a very long time will make it more complex to carry out. So, do it while your elderly relative is still mobile and can still handle some level of exhaustion. Also, build a granny flat as a future investment for your own self! It is a great way of securing your future residence.
  • Plan Carefully:  When you are dealing with granny flats, you need to plan very carefully and need to think out each and every aspect before executing them. The condition of elderly people change fast and along with it their needs also change. So you need to take all the possibilities into consideration. If your elderly uncle is slowly losing his vision, then plan the granny flat accordingly. Or if your great aunt is slowly becoming immobile, then build her bedroom and washroom on the ground floor itself. Take the insights from pro builders to avoid any errors.
  • Communication: Before taking any new step, communication is the key. You need to have a clear communication with the builders regarding the expenditure and the time span of the entire project. Sit with your entire family and have a word with them. Also have a word with the elderly person for whom you’re thinking about building the flat.

These are the few things you need to consider before going forward with the project. Make sure that you are clear on the tax issue, joint electricity bill, and all the other little details to prevent any sort of misunderstanding in the future.

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