Busted: Ridiculous Car Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

Even though the internet makes it easier for us to find information quickly, not every provided information on the internet can be regarded as the truth. This is why it’s important to cross-check every information that you tend to read on the internet. Therefore, in this article guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the major car myths that have been surrounding the internet and the minds of vehicle owners for quite some time. 

We suggest you go through the following list in its entirety and thereby make your judgement – with the help of Auckland car removal services.

Ridiculous Car Myths To Avoid

  • Steel Is Better Than Aluminium To Make Cars


When it comes to making vehicles, manufacturers will continue to use aluminium rather than steel. This is because aluminium weighs less than steel, which is why manufacturers would prefer to use more aluminium to build up a greater amount of thickness – thereby leading to an increase in the overall density. It should be noted that an aluminium body is safer than steel because it can absorb energy easily and has larger crush zones as well. 

However, the safety of a vehicle not only depends on the materials but also several other factors including the way it has been built and designed. 

  • SUVs Tend To Safer Than Smaller Sized Cars


The misconception that bigger cars are always safer is not always true. This myth is the reason why many families tend to prefer SUVs just because they think it is safer than other vehicle types. However, the truth is SUVs have a greater tendency of causing accidents because of the overall size of the vehicle. 

Therefore, when you plan on buying a new vehicle, instead of trying to buy a bigger sized one, rather spend your earnings on a vehicle that comes with the required safety protocols. This includes looking for crash test ratings, alarms, airbags, auto-pilot mode and so on. 

  • Electric Cars Can Catch Fire


It’s a common misconception among people that electric vehicles tend to catch fire and are more hazardous than petrol or diesel vehicles. However, the truth if that diesel or petrol cars are more likely to catch fire because they house inflammable substances or chemicals inside them while running. As you already know diesel or petrol is a fossil fuel and is highly inflammable if not correctly taken care.

Therefore, when you compare the same with electric cars, electric cars are a lot safer because they don’t house any inflammable substances. The in-built battery can be a source of catching fire, but the chances are very slim. 

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