Different Ways To Lep Make Your Car Last Longer?


When it comes to your vehicle, you know that car maintenance is essential and that you need to carry out a regular maintenance check, every week. This should ensure that your car lasts for a long time. Just make sure that you take it to the mechanic every quarter for a thorough appraisal as well. You may want to pay attention to a few things, so as to ensure that your car lasts longer.

  • Wash your car: Yes, washing your car helps to remove the dust and grime from the body. As it is the paintwork on your vehicle should help protect the car from various elements. But the underside often bears the brunt which is why a regular cleanup is essential. This can help to remove the different corrosive elements from the car and help make it last longer. Moreover, during winter, the roads are often covered with rock salt, which can corrode the undersides of your car. Naturally, it is essential that you clean your car and pay attention to the undersides of the same, during winter. You can always check tyre shop Auckland for more information and suggestions on cars.
  • Extra weight: When it comes to taking care of your car, you may want to lighten up the load. While vehicles come with the required capacity, lightening up the load should help put less stress on the chassis, engine, transmission, suspension, and brakes as well. You can use the car to carry on heavier loads, but the additional stress can build up over time, and this can lead to your vehicle, developing several issues down the road. Just Google tyre shop, Auckland and you should be able to learn more about car capacities and in the process, lighten the load.
  • Start slow: If you use your car when commuting to work, then the chances are that you open the door, jump in, turn on the ignition key and floor the accelerator. That’s not really a great move, when it comes to staring your car. Repeated abuse will result in wearing out your car a lot faster. When you turn off the engine at the end of the day and head to bed, the motor oil which helps to lubricate various parts of your engine settles at the bottom. So, when it comes to starting your car early in the morning, you may want to start slow. Do not floor the accelerator, instead turn on the ignition key, wait for a few minutes as the car warms up. And after a while, you can go ahead and start it.
  • Clean out the carbon deposits: Most cars tend to have an upper RPM limit of 6000; but that being said, it should be pointed out that you need to floor the car every once in a while. Granted that traveling at high speeds, at a higher RPM can cause your vehicle to guzzle more gas. But it is a great idea to put your car through the various paces, as it can help to clean out the carbon deposits on your valves. Carbon deposits often build up over time, and it can impact your pipes, throttle body, combustion chamber, as well as manifold. And putting your car through its RPM range can help to remove the untreated carbon. As a result, your vehicle should become more efficient in the long run. If you are not interested in driving your car fast, then the untreated carbon deposits can build up, cause your vehicle to run slower and even affect its core functionality as well. 

These are some of the ways that you can make your car last longer. Do remember that the above suggestions are in addition to the various weekly maintenance tasks that you would have to carry out from changing the clogged air and oil filters to the rest. If you are not sure about the suggestions posted above, you can always consult your local mechanic, and he can help to confirm the same.


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