Essential Points to Remember Regarding Pink Slip Inspection Services


It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to register a vehicle for the first time or been a proud vehicle owner for some years now – you still need to opt for a pink slip inspection and thereby get the pink slip certification as well. This pink slip inspection is very much a legal requirement that you have to comply with and you’ll not be able to register your car without such a pink slip inspection as well. 

The pass-rate of the inspection will highly depend on the condition and age of your vehicle. But, before you plan to opt for pink slip Marrickville services, you need to understand some specific criteria regarding such a legal requirement.

What Do You Mean By A Pink Slip?

A pink slip, in simple terms, is known as an eSafety check. In this type of check, your car will be first inspected by a mechanic after which you’ll be provided with a ‘pink slip’ or letter from your mechanic saying that the car or vehicle is in good working condition and is thereby fit to be used on roads as well. In case your car is over a certain-year-old, you’ll need a pink slip to register your vehicle. 

During such a check carried out by the mechanic, you’ll be either provided with the pink slip saying that the car has passed the inspection tests or the mechanic will list out the necessary repairs required for the car to pass the test. Even though you will be under no legal obligation to carry out these recommended repairs after the vehicle inspection, it’s still illegal to drive a vehicle that is not only worthy to be run on roads but also unregistered too. 

The Overall Tenure Of A Pink Slip

After your vehicle will pass the inspection tests, you’ll be provided with a pink slip certificate. From the day of such an issue, you’ll have almost 42 days to register your vehicle with the respective government organisation handling roads, vehicles and safety. In case you fail to register your vehicle within that specified time, you’ll be required to undergo another inspection test for a secondary pink slip approval. 

According to the overall length of your registration, you’ll be required to obtain pink slip certification on a per-year basis. Moreover, your registration papers will also state whether your vehicle will need a pink slip inspection. 

The Places Of Inspection Done By A Mechanic

When you’ll head over to your preferred mechanic to obtain a pink slip, the mechanic will provide checking on several different factors relating to the usual functioning of your car or vehicle. It has been reported that on an average, such inspection tests will take about thirty minutes to be completed. The following are some of the major factors on which inspection is done:

  • The overall quality of the tire and also the tread density.
  • The condition of the seat-belt.
  • The condition of the suspension, engine and also the driveline too.
  • The overall body of the vehicle.
  • The working electronics such as blinkers, interior lighting, headlights and so on.
  • The efficiency test relating to the brakes.
  • The check for any brake or engine fluid leaks. 
What Are The Requirements For Obtaining A Pink Slip?

If your car if more than five years old, then it’s a legal requirement to obtain a pink slip. In case your vehicle fails the inspection tests, you need to opt for the necessary repairs and get the inspection tests done again. It’s recommended that such a procedure shouldn’t be delayed for you and your family’s safety. 

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