Everything to know about picnic tables and why you should get one

Head to park outside and you are sure to spot friends and family gathered around a table sharing a meal and making memories. Such get-together and family gatherings are becoming a new trend. When you are hosting a party, you should make sure that the picnic tables in your house are enough for the number of people invited. The outdoor partying experience should be comfortable for your guests. If you do not provide for them then your guests are most likely to eat in the car and leave as soon as possible. Here are the different types of picnic tables that you can consider for your next party.

Metal Picnic Tables

If you are looking for an option with low maintenance then metal picnic tables are a good choice. You can opt for a good finish that will make your picnic table look amazing. Always prefer the tables and seats which have rounded edges. This way it won’t harm anyone sitting on the tables. Tables that have perforated tops are ideal for outdoor use as they will help the rainwater in passing. Choose the color that best matches your outdoor setting.

Concrete Picnic Tables

Looking for durability? Concrete picnic tables are your answer! They are ideal for beaches and would survive the wear and tear of climate. Moreover, they are also less prone to theft as they are extremely heavy to lift. There are myriad options for concrete furniture in Sydney that you can choose from. It should be noted that concrete picnic tables are priced toward the higher side and you would have to budget it accordingly. You can also get the picnic tables a smooth look by getting a finishing done. This would add a unique look to the table. If you wish to go for a blend of material, you can have metallic legs and a concrete tabletop.

Aluminium Picnic Table

Aluminium picnic tables are ideal for those environments that are subject to a lot of wear and tear. Aluminium is resistant to corrosion which makes it perfect for outdoors. Host a front yard picnic wherein all your guests would relax and enjoy. They are also very light so you can move them around whenever required. Don’t worry about the rains as it can take the extreme weather conditions.

What Shapes Should You Choose?

Once you have decided what type of table you want, it is time to choose the right shape! You have a plethora of options like a rectangular table, round, square, umbrella, a kid’s picnic table and the like. Make sure to go check out all the varieties available. If you find it daunting to check in the shops, you can do your research online and then buy them from the shops after you are done deciding.

Types of touches

The finish of the table has a great impact on how it looks overall. You can opt for powder coat or thermoplastic one based on your preference. If you stay in a location where the weather can get unpredictable then opt for a thermoplastic alternative.

Other Things to Consider

Thus, while buying designer dining tables in Sydney you should keep certain things in mind. If you are not inclined to a picnic table that needs a lot of maintenance then aluminium and steel are a good option. If you prefer something reliable and durable that won’t be stolen easily then ceramic picnic tables are your answer.

Check what colors your facility will support and then buy the picnic table accordingly. In case you have kids you should make sure that there are separate tables for them. Everyone that visits you should feel comfortable. Picking the right picnic table is important. If you love the classy furniture and would like to add a luxurious touch to your front or backyard then go for a concrete picnic table. It is not only sturdy but also stylish.


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