Everything You Need to Know About Scrap Metal Recycling

Do not let the name fool you. Scrap metal can be recycled in the right hands. Scrap metal recycling can be profitable and good for the environment. It also saves time and energy. What do you need to learn to get started with scrap metal recycling?

Take a look at our complete guide to scrap metal recycling and get in touch to learn more about SL Recycling.

What is scrap metal?

Scrap metal can simply be defined as any surplus or used metal. It is often found in large quantities on construction sites, as well as in old or broken appliances and furniture. Businesses often discover that they also have some packaging metal left over from other uses.

There are two types of scrap metal: ferrous and nonferrous. The most common type of scrap metal is ferrous, which includes any metal made from steel or iron. Non-ferrous metals can be defined by the fact they will not lose their chemical properties in the recycling process. Non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum, gold, silver, and zinc, can be recycled repeatedly, which makes them highly valuable.

Where can I recycle scrap metal?

A brookvale scrap metal yard is a specialist waste management company that can help you turn your scrap metal into new products for someone else or cold hard cash for you. SL Recycling has been recycling scrap metal since 2016, and we are experts in the entire process.

We offer free advice and can arrange for the collection of scrap metal. Then we will give you a price. We can help you manage your surplus metal if you have it. You’ll receive all paperwork and the required Waste Transfer Notes to ensure everything goes according to plan. These notes will document the price and the tonnage of the scrap metal that arrives at our site.

How is scrap metal recycled

It’s the actual process of recycling scrap metal after it reaches a scrap yard that is the most interesting. SL Recycling processes 250 tonnes of scrap metal every week at our Ystrad Mynach location. That’s a lot, so we would like to think that we have some knowledge about the process.

Why is recycling scrap metal so important?

There are many reasons to recycle scrap metal that you have, both for your business and the environment. These are the top three reasons to recycle scrap metal.


Let’s start with something obvious. By recycling scrap metal with a company like SL Recycling you can make a profit on any scrap that is usable. This is a simple decision. Why have scrap metal sitting around at your place when you can sell it to make money that can go back into your business.

Preserves the Raw Materials

The bottom line is that the more virgin metal ore we mine, the better our planet will be. Recycling scrap metal is a great way to recycle old metal and reduce the demand for new metal. Recycling scrap metal is a win-win situation for the environment, as it produces less greenhouse gases than mining and purifying virgin material.

Reducing Landfill

You can reduce the amount of landfill by recycling scrap metal, rather than throwing it away. Landfill is not only unsightly and takes up space; it can also cause decaying particles to pollute the surroundings. Metal landfills are characterized by metals such as lead and mercury that can be dangerous when they fall apart.

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