Future leaders – Fun outdoor activity that helps develop your child’s confidence


Parenting has to be one of the toughest tasks that we can face as adults. Even then, nothing is done in our educational system to get us ready for parenting. As a parent, it is very important for us to develop your child’s self-esteem by giving them the encouragement and motivation to take up challenges and keep learning from their own mistakes. The main role of a parent is to guide the children and not interfere with what they do. 

Self-esteem in children begins to develop at early stages of their life and as parents; we play a critical role in building it. Encouragement is always good but you should never over-praise them. it is very important to make the children involve themselves in outdoor activities to keep them fit and ready to meet the outside world. In our childhood, we always used to play outside until our parents kept telling us to come back inside. But kids these days spend most of their time indoors with their video games and watching TV. There are a set of outdoor activities which can help your kid to step out of the house and engage themselves.

  • Gardening: Gardening is an interesting outdoor activity which helps your children to learn about a variety of plants and flowers. Try keeping it simple. Give them their own garden space. Use lightweight tools and other garden equipment to get the garden ready. Encourage them to do the whole process from scratch. Make them grow interesting and beautiful flowers and plants. Planting flowers will attract butterflies. Teach them how to maintain the garden by watering it, planting the right vegetables in the right season, weeding and other main activities. They will definitely love this experience.

  • Bike riding: Motivate your children to ride their bikes most of the time as it will not only keep them healthy but also keep them engaged. Riding a bike is the best because the will be able to enjoy the warm weather and stock up some vitamin D from the sunlight. You can even try planning a fun destination and spend some time there. You can take all their friends and head for the hills and let them practice gliding down the hill. Bike riding will also give them a feeling of freedom and enhances their self-confidence. 

  • Sports: There is a wide range of benefits for kids playing sports. The effect a child will have on participating in sports will go beyond the physical fitness and will impact a child mentally, emotionally and socially as well. By playing indoors with video games, computers and television, a child does not get fit at all. However, by making them go to sports clubs for training, they will improve their coordination, strength, and stamina. The emotional benefits in playing sports include healthy self-esteem, reduction of stress to a great level, and good sportsmanship. Athletic participation will also increase the leadership qualities of a child. Consider joining your child in a sports academy where they provide all the training required for your kid. 

  • Swimming: Every kid will have an interest in having some water fun at any time of the day and the best way to have this fun is by swimming. Take your child to the swimming pool and let them splash around for a while. Swimming is not only an amazing outdoor activity but is also a life skill which everyone has to learn. Teaching your child how to swim can help his health and safety at all times. You can take your kids to aquatic centers where they promote an active lifestyle all year long. Swimming is actually a better exercise when compared to many other famous sports. 

The above-mentioned activities can be enjoyed by your kids. Do not confine them to the 4 corners of your house. Encourage them to go outside and spend more time with nature and you will be able to observe a drastic change within no time

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