Have Dogs In Your Home? Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Dog Smell Effectively


If you’re a dog owner, then you must know that dogs don’t sweat. But then, how do they smell so awful and can quickly stink up your home? Well, the answer is a lot different. You should know that even though they don’t sweat, they still release oils from their skin, have bacteria in their ears & teeth, scent in their anal gland and the like – which all contribute to a bad smell. That’s the reason why you should always bathe your dog occasionally. 

However, you still might be wondering about the methods to get rid of dog smell in your home, and that’s what we are going to discuss today with the help of professional house cleaning in Surrey services. The following mentioned procedures will help you get rid of dog smell effectively within your home. 

The Procedures To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In Your Home

  • Give Your Dog A Bath

The first solution would be to give your dog a clean bath and let him or her stay outside for the rest of the day – so that you can keep the wet smell out of your home. In that approach, your dog will be able to sanitise himself/herself in the sun, which will help in eliminating at least the stinky smell. 

  • Get Hold Of Your Dogs Belongings

Once your dog is out of the way, it’s time to clean everything that your dog loves, so that any smelly odor can be eliminated. These include the dog’s blankets, eating bowls, toys, leashes and so on. By cleaning these belongings, you can ensure that extra odour doesn’t get released into the air, while you proceed to clean everything else. Once everything is cleaned, keep them outside so that they dry up faster.

  • Start Washing The Essentials

After you’ve completed the above step, it’s time that you start washing the fabrics that your dog used to sit or touch down upon. These include curtains, couch covers, bed sheets, clothes and the like. Clean these fabrics once you’ve done cleaning your dog’s items; otherwise, it may lead to re-contamination.

  • Start Sweeping The Floors

One of the most useful ways through which you can eliminate dog odour in your home is by sweeping your house, which will help in removing dirt, hair, dander, excessive oils on the floors where the dog sits and so on. Before you start using your vacuum cleaner, be sure to use your broom to gather up the excess hair, which will also reduce your overall workload when using the vacuum cleaner. Moreover, if you have a hairy dog, sweeping can become much more efficient. 

It’s recommended that you follow the cleaning methods regularly to be able to lessen the overall impact of dog smell in your home.

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