Headshot Photography and How to Get a Killer Business Head Shots

A photo tells a story. The genre of it is decided by the angle of the picture and our pose. The vast field of photography is home to several different types, each conveying a unique tale. There are photography varieties that are suitable for corporate affairs, and then there are ones for more personal uses. However, there is also one type that gives both a professional and personal touch– Headshot Photography.

What is Headshot Photography?

A headshot photograph is focused on your face. This type of photography mostly has professional uses like a corporate setting, who find it as a perfect balance of professional and personal. In fact, many companies ask for headshots from job applicants, along with their CV. 

However, they are also used in the entertainment industry with actors giving their headshots to casting directors, etc. Moreover, realtors and lawyers use these for marketing purposes. 

Headshot vs. Portrait Photography

Headshots and portraits are erroneously confused with one another. Both are the perfect mix of professional and personal. However, the two have some key differences. They are: 

  • Their Use: Headshots have professional uses and are often seen on LinkedIn profiles, About Us section, business cards, etc. Portraits, on the other hand, appear in a creative and personal environment. 
  • Their Feel: The feel and mood of a portrait depends on where and how it is used. Headshots always appear approachable with constant feel. 
  • Their Focus: Headshots focus on the face with minimal background, and portraits tend to be full or half-body images with a unique backdrop. 
  • Their Setting: Headshots are shot in the portrait studio Christchurch photographers choose, whereas the setting for portraits can be experimental.

Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Corporate Headshot

A corporate headshot will define your career and how professional you are to someone who meets you for the first time. Therefore, you need the perfect photograph to get an edge in a highly competitive environment. Here are tips to look great in your headshot: 

  • Wear your best professional clothing
  • Use concealer (for women) or wash your face (for men) before the photo is taken
  • Have perfectly set hair and makeup, and visit a mirror
  • Lose the glasses, but if you wear them, clean them really well
  • Show the side of your face that looks the best in photos
  • Don’t talk too much and give your best smile


Headshots can make or break someone’s career. This is true especially in the case of actors, whose work depends heavily on their looks. Even in a corporate setting, the perfect headshot can take one to the leaps and bounds of their career. Therefore, individuals need to pay special attention to their appearance when getting their picture taken. 

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