Five Quick Steps to Help You Choose the Perfect Mattress


Losing sleep over the thought of buying a new mattress? Let us help you out with some simple tips. We have highlighted the critical factors to keep in mind while deciding on your new mattress.

How Choose A Mattress

Mattress Life

In general, a good mattress lasts for eight years, after which changing it isn’t that a bad idea. However, you cannot consider it as the thumb rule, because a lot of other things like your usage, the body weight, and sleeping patterns impact the life-span to a great extent.

If you feel restless, wake up with back pain, or cannot sleep properly through the night, check when did you purchase the mattress – it may be time for you to replace it with a new one.

Body Weight

You may not think weight to be an essential factor while choosing a mattress, but trust us, it is! By weight, we do not mean your weight only, but the total weight on the mattress. Depending on it, you can also decide whether you need to buy a single bed mattress in NZ or a double bed one.  The softness, cooling, hug, feel, support, and size of each mattress is affected significantly by the weight you put on it.

If the weight is 150 pounds or less, you can buy a low-density soft topper, for 150 pounds or more buy steadier toppers so that it doesn’t sink under you.

Mattress type

There are various types of mattresses, and at times the endless options make the purchasing decision tougher. Following are the most common types:

  • Memory foam mattresses – These are widely known for their great support, durability, pressure relief, and body shaping.
  • Latex – Since these are made of rubber trees’ liquid extract, they are generally a bit expensive, but gives you great support and comfort. They are also known for their cooling properties, along with bounce and excellent responsiveness. 
  • Cotton and polyester – If you do not have any specific need and want a mattress at a reasonable price, then this type is for you.

Sleeping Position

Each person has a sleeping style, and it might not be effortless to select a mattress based on it. But to get the best comfort, it’s an essential factor to consider.

A soft mattress with a lot of support is vital for a side sleeper. So, they should avoid too firm mattresses. A mattress within the range of 4-7 is great for back sleepers as it provides the right amount of back push. And stomach sleepers should opt for a mattress in 5-7 range.


Firmness is not the same as support – while firmness relates to comfort, support ensures you don’t wake up with a body ache. The average level of firmness falls somewhere between the range of 4 to 7.

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