Here’s How Sellers Can Get Rid of the Deal Breakers Before Staging the House

Deal Breakers

Have you been trying to fetch a good price for your property but can’t seem to close the deal on a satisfactory note? Buyers are becoming smarter by the minute, where they spare no effort in finding every fault to make a considerable negotiation.

That’s where you are losing your money. However, if you take a few steps in the right direction, you will be able to retrieve a higher price, closer to what you are asking. Want to know how? Check out the following points which successfully help in eliminating the deal breakers for you.

  • Conduct a home inspection before the buyers come in

One of the surest ways to sell your property at a fabulous figure is to get it inspected before your buyers do. Whether it’s a new construction or an old-built, there will be faults that won’t let you get your desired price. However, if you get them fixed before putting the property on the market, your possibilities of getting the things done your way increase considerably. 

  • Let the inspector do their job

When the homebuyer’s inspector visits your property for a home inspection in Tampa, the best thing that you can do is give them a free hand to do their job. Irrespective of how long the examination lasts or what questions he asks you, keep your calm, and be as supportive as well.

Allow the inspector access to every room and area in the house. Half the problems will be solved when the buyer will see you assisting in the process, assuming that you have nothing to hide.

  • Hiding something will make matters worse

If you know of certain shortcomings in the house that can be fixed before the buyers move in, do not conceal such facts from the buyers. Whether you want it or not, the professional home inspector will eventually find all faults in the house, and you denying their presence will only make matters worse.

If you can’t get them fixed before the buyers visit your property, prepare yourself to accept the terms laid down by the buyers or at least negotiate to give them some satisfaction. 

  • Declutter!

Inspecting a disorganized property will not only frustrate the inspector but also extend the span of the home inspection in Tampa. Decluttering before the inspection day is highly essential to give the inspector access to every location in the house. Don’t leave out the attic and the basement as well. 

From window shafts and electrical panels to water pipes, no pile of boxes or cabinets should be blocking them as it will raise issues for you in the inspection report. 

  • Provide operational utilities

Do not hide or switch off your appliances on the day of the inspection. You must leave your utilities in good operational condition like they are on other days so the inspector can run his analysis. 

In the case of remote-accessed curtains, lights, fans, and other such equipment, show the inspector how to use them and provide all controls to him. The more you help and encourage the inspector in carrying out his duty, the higher the chances will be for you to secure a profitable deal. 

Now that you are all caught up, we hope you will make wiser decisions and solve your problem by taking the steps mentioned above under consideration. Do let us know in the comments how the advice worked out for you. Good luck!

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