Here’s How You Can Make The Most Out Of Your Garage?


Home planning has traveled a long way, and it’s no more just about assigning a designated purpose to a room, but it is now a part of designing. It requires a lot of study and designing skills! 

Let’s look at your garage. Do you know you can do so much with it apart from keeping your car? It is in fact, one of the most spacious places in most of the houses and a lot of it goes wasted because of lack of planning. 

With a bit of organization, you can not only store your car in there but also convert it into a storing space. Some without vehicles, also use it as an outdoor room – it can be one of the best outdoor kitchen, or living space!

Let us check out how we can make the most of your garage space.

Excellent tips to make the most of your garage
De-clutter the Floor

Look around, is everything lying on the floor used by you? We often forget to sort out the items which we do not use, and they take up a lot of space.

Furthermore, keeping things stored on the floor a primary reason for waste of space. And it also makes it harder for you to keep them organized and clean. Start picking them up and sorting them on the basis of priority. Decide which items are needed regularly, which you need seldom, and which you do not need at all and have kept them stacked because you have either thought that there’s was a lot of space, or because you have completely forgotten about those items. Once that is done, we can now move to the shelves and drawers, which are specifically designed for heavy utilities and made for the garage.

Garage Doors

Before we discuss the different shelves options, the garage door is another thing which can improve the look of your garage and also save a lot of space. 

Gone are those days, when you had huge, heavy garage doors, which looked dull and took up a lot of space. They are now replaced with designed, sleek, and automatic garage door motors which are both easy to use and improves the aesthetics of your garage and home. 

There are sliding doors, swinging doors, and roller doors available in different colors and are made up of different materials. You can choose from them depending on your home’s design and your budget.

Open Shelves and Clear Containers

For easier access, use containers which are transparent and store them in open shelves. So, the next time you want to use the shovel, you won’t have to search through all the shelves. It is also important to use sturdy material for garage storages because they tend to hold the heaviest items of the house.

Some of the types of shelves and cabinets that are perfect for the garage are:

  • Rhino garage shelves, which are extra durable.
  • Fleximounts Ceiling Rack for the non-heavy items.
  • Suncast Wall Cabinet for smaller stuff.

Open shelves also give a spacious look and feel to the space. And since not many guests will happen to visit your garage, you don’t have to bother much about keeping the shelves organized and clean. 

Having said that, when items are kept in an organized manner, it makes your job easier.

Sort Items on the Basis of Use

Once you have prioritized the things based on the frequency of use, now it’s time to club the items of the same application.

For example, you can keep all gardening items like the shovels and rakes in one storage unit. And the paint cans and brushes in another separate unit. It will help you a lot to find the exact item of need when you are in a hurry.

Use the Space near your Door

Items which you need daily can be kept near the garage door. Like your bike or the garage broom – placing them near the door will save a lot of your time by making them easily accessible. But make sure that these items to do not block your way and cause in hindrance in car parking.

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