Make Sure You Ask these Questions before Hiring a Chauffeur for Your Cruise Transfers

You might need a chauffeur if you don’t like to take frequent cabs. Moreover, you might also need one in case there is a professional requirement. You should certainly take all your time to choose the chauffeur as he will be responsible for your safety on the road.

Before you finalize your options, it is very important to ask them the right questions. Here is a list of questions which we have created to help you in the same that will make sure that your Southampton cruise transfers go as smoothly as possible.

Ask About the References

Driving is indeed a task that should be done safely. After all, it is a matter of your life. You need not hesitate at all while asking relevant questions to your driver. So if this chauffeur is from some service provider then he would already have ratings based on which you can judge them. On the other hand, if you are hiring from a pool of people then it is a good idea to ask for references. This way you can ensure that you are safe and that even you get quality.

Type of Vehicles and Amenities

The next important thing to know is the type of vehicles that are offered. The vehicle should ideally be okay for you and the rest of your people. Moreover, if you are paying the driver then you might as well travel in comfort and style. All this can be ensured when you ask the driver about all the relevant questions. Additionally, if your driver is providing some extra provisions such as complimentary food and the like then it turns out to be a plus point. You would have some grounds to make a comparison.

Rates of the Driver

Being one of the most important questions, you should always ask for the rates. Moreover, ensure that you ask about the driving rates and waiting rates separately. Likewise, what you will be charged also depends on the duration for which you need the driver. For instance, if you are only hiring a chauffeur for a single day then ask him to charge after due calculation of the waiting time as well as the driving period. This way you will get a well-rounded idea of what to expect.

Proof of Driving

One of the crucial aspects you need to know while hiring a driver is proof of driving. Ask your chauffeur for the evidence of their competence. Needless to say, you should also see their driving license. If you are hiring with the help of an agency, then always look for the record of the chauffeur. You would not want to hire someone who has had a lot of accidents and issues with the customers before.

Ask as to why he became a Chauffeur

You might think this is too cliché a question to ask. However, you have all the rights to actually find out about this from your chauffeur. When you get into a conversation with this person you would know whether you would like to continue with him or not. Let him explain what he likes in driving and what got him into it. Liking your driver is important as you would be spending a lot of time with them.

Parking and traffic rules

You should also ask your chauffeur to be whether or not they know about all the traffic rules. Find out if they can park in any given situation. Carry out a test if you may want. It is vital to check all these things way before you hire them. Once appointed, you won’t have much choice than to bear with them.

Thus, with the help of the expert tips mentioned above, you would be able to interview your future chauffeur pretty well. While there are a lot of cabs available these days, personal chauffeurs make your journey even better.

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