How To Prepare Your Home For Lighting & Thunderstorms?

There’s no denying that thunderstorms are indeed very dangerous and if you’re no unprepared for the same, then it can be even more dangerous for you. Most people get hurt when they are unprepared, which is why it’s always important to shelter during the course of the storm – at least for a few hours. 

Moreover, it should be realized that thunderstorms can also increase the chances of electrocution, which can be pretty severe. Keeping that in mind, we are sharing some much-needed suggestions on how you can keep yourself as well as your family safe from lighting & thunderstorms – as suggested by home inspection in Northeast Houston services.

Prepping Your Home From Thunderstorms

  • Put Forward A Disaster Plan

You need to make a disaster plan where you along with your family members should be staying indoors, especially when a thunderstorm is approaching. In case the thunderstorm is severe, then you need to designate a place in your home where everyone could gather – such as the basement. This location should be void of any doors, windows and skylights. 

You should also ensure that you make plans for your pet(s) as well. It’s better to designate a family member who will bring your pets indoors especially during a thunderstorm.

  • Get Your Trees Pruned Regularly

You should be cutting down any rotting or dead tree branches as soon as you see them. Moreover, you’ll also need to remove any dead trees from your yard. Thunderstorms can easily produce high-velocity winds which can topple trees quickly, which will lead to injury, property damages and even death.

You can look up your local municipality websites or rules on how you can dispose of your dead tree debris correctly. Each city has its own set of rules, so it’s always better to know the same and then follow the rules & regulations. 

However, if you don’t want to prune your trees all by yourself, you can always hire a tree cutting service for performing the same. 

  • Secure All The Outdoor Objects

Any item that is lying in your backyard or your front lawn should be brought indoors and secured before the thunderstorms. Some of these items include flower pots, grills, smokers, patio furniture and so on. These items, if left out in the open, can indeed pose a serious threat because thunderstorm winds can transform them into lethal projectiles. 

Unless you want the same to happen, it’s always better to take your time and store every outdoor object. Try to complete the process as fast as you can as you don’t want yourself to be caught amidst the thunderstorm while moving things. 

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