Can Drones Help In Home Inspection After A Hurricane?

There’s no doubt that drones continue to be a powerful home inspection tool in the 21st century. Be it any natural disaster such as hurricanes or tornadoes, drones can help home inspectors learn about the overall condition of a particular house and thereby propagate the same information to the homeowner or a prospective buyer. The buyer or homeowner can then take relevant steps in repairing or renovating the home. 

So, to answer your question – drones absolutely help in-home inspection after any natural disaster, and to prove this point, we have formulated some of the significant ways through which drones can assist in home inspection after a hurricane disaster.

Methods How Drones Are Utilised For Home Inspection After A Hurricane

  • Home Inspectors Can Stay On The Ground Where It’s Dry & Safe

Professional services for a home inspection in Idaho states that when home inspectors use drones, they don’t have to personally go around every component of the house to complete the inspection process. After hurricanes, the property can be riddled with standing water, damaged trees, muddy ground and so on. So, it can be really risky for any home inspector to inspect the house especially when there are so many natural barriers that prevent him or her to complete the task.

However, the above-mentioned issue can easily be mitigated by using a remote-controlled drone with a fitted camera. A drone can fly at any altitude, which means that it becomes easy not only to inspect difficult-to-reach places but also high-altitude areas such as house roofs, chimneys and so on. 

Home inspectors can simply stand in a safe place and let the drone do all the work. 

  • Home Inspectors Can Use Drones To Take Good Quality Photos & Videos

Most drones of today come fitted with camera modules that can take really good photos & videos, even in 4K resolution. So, home inspectors can utilise these drones to not only know the overall condition of a property but also have relevant proofs to create the home inspection report, which is to be shown to the homeowner or homebuyer.

  • Home Inspectors Don’t Need To Use Ladders To Climb High Altitude Places Inside The Property

Using ladders is not safe and every home inspector knows the same as well. Therefore, to avoid using ladders, home inspectors must use drones. Ladders are generally used to reach high-altitude places such as the house roof. But, by using drones, that process becomes easier

With the help of drones, home inspectors can effortlessly handle roof inspections. Furthermore, inspectors can also take detailed shots to learn about the roof’s overall condition after the hurricane disaster

Lastly, we hope you loved our in-depth guide and if you’re planning to hire top-notch home inspectors, feel free to connect with our team.

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