Unseeable Wall Defects That Only A Home Inspector Can Tell You


One of the major frustrations that homeowners tend to face is the fact that they cannot see inside walls and thereby inspect the overall condition. The reality is that – nobody has that capability to see through walls. However, home inspectors have the ability to find clues that will let you know regarding the current condition of your interior walls and thereby have a sneak peek of what is going on behind the drywall or plaster. 

Therefore, to help you learn more about some of the unseeable wall defects, we at professional home inspection in Houston, are listing out the most popular ones out there. 

Unseeable Wall Defects That Can Only Be Felt By A Home Inspector

  • Water Damage

One of the most significant ways through which your home’s interior walls get damaged is via water infiltration. It’s a common cause and the source can be plenty. Sometimes, the water damage can be caused by a leak in the ceiling or roof, while other times it can be due to any plumbing system problems inside the home. 

Water damage signs on the walls can be detected by stains or spots on the wall and sometimes due to paint peeling off. Moreover, if there’s any drywall warping issue, then most probably it’s due to water damage. An experienced home inspector will have no problems detecting such damages, which is why it’s essential to sort out the issues once you’ve taken notice. 

  • Damage Due To Nails Or Screws

Walls can also be damaged due to the piercing of nails or screws. Sometimes, the nails can even damage the internal electrical wiring of the house – especially if the nails penetrate deeply into the cavity of the wall. 

That’s why we highly suggest being extremely careful when planting nails or screws into the wall surface. Ensure that there’s no wiring behind the surface that could get damaged. In case you’re not sure about your DIY methods, it’s better to call an electrician or a handyman to perform the task. 

  • Termite Invasion

Termites are the worst thing that can happen to your home interior walls. Your home walls are highly susceptible to such pests because they can be accessible from the ground and the overall surface area is highly considerable. Some major symptoms include:

  • Small pin-holes on the wall surface.
  • Faint tunnel-like lines on the wall surface.
  • Paint peeling or bubbling.
  • Hollow sound when tapped on the wall surface.

Termites can be highly difficult to discover, which is why hiring a home inspector can assist you in doing so. If a termite invasion is detected, it’s time to call in professional pest removal services for a thorough cleaning. 

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