6 Things Your Home Inspector May Not Tell You

When buying a house, the most dreaded moment for a buyer and a seller is a home inspection. It can either close the deal or break it for good. The result depends on the report given by the home inspector St Cloud buyers hire. The catch in this process is that the inspector can have vested interests and may conceal certain things from you. Shocked, much? 

Here are six things your home inspector may not tell you before the inspection or after:

  1. I could Make the House Look Bad.

A house inspector’s job is to find any defect in the house and report it to you. Therefore, you can expect their final assessment to be littered with many issues and suggested repairs. But inspectors with vested interests may overly fixate on minor and cosmetic problems. Avoid this predicament by hiring an inspector you can trust and rely on. 

  1. I may not have the Qualifications.

As shocking as it sounds, the Ontario province does not require licensing tests to be a home inspector. Therefore, while they may follow the profession’s rules, they may not be qualified to write the final report. As such, make sure the inspector you choose has national certifications and necessary qualifications.

  1. I may Try to Butter Up Agents.

Real estate agents want to close the sale for their commission, and home inspectors need more business from them. Therefore, it is not entirely unexpected for them to have a side deal and for the report to be tweaked accordingly. As such, it is always better to hire an inspector yourself instead of depending on an agent. 

  1. You could Join me.

Yes, you could and probably should join the inspector as they inspect the property. This will give you an insight into the issues in the house. However, you may need to be persuasive because not all inspectors like a tag along. 

  1. You may Need a Specialist.

A home inspector can cover a lot of areas in the house…but externally. Without pulling the right licenses, they cannot conduct more in-depth inspections. Therefore, you may need a specialist to check for specific issues like contaminated water or gas contamination.

  1. Your Repairs can Profit me.

With their experience in the field, home inspectors can suggest contractors for certain repairs, and so can your agent. What they don’t tell you is that they may get some commission from this (which you will pay unknowingly). 


A home inspection is a critical step when buying a property. Part of what makes it a boon is the reliability of the report given by the inspector. However, that will do no good if the inspector is dishonest and manipulates his assessments for his profit. Therefore, when choosing one, buyers and sellers need to have a thorough screening process. 

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