Wintertime Defects That No Homeowner Should Overlook


The winter season gives way to the spring season. Springtime means less cold and enjoying a fairly moderate temperature. All your heating and cooling equipment will get a much-needed break. Even though such a scenario can be great for comfort, you still need to find any defects within your home that the winter may have inflicted. 

Professional home inspection in North Carolina states that sneaky defects can easily hide in mild weather, especially during the spring season. The following are some of the most popular wintertime defects that you shouldn’t ignore at any cost. 

Wintertime Defects That Are Not To Be Ignored

  • Inferior Ventilation & Insulation Inside The Attic

Good attic insulation is a must not only during the winter months but also during the summer months. Insulation helps in lowering your monthly energy bills by making your room heater (in winter) and air-conditioner (in summer) work less. This is because, in the winter season, the insulation traps the heat inside your home and prevents it from getting out. Similarly, in the summer season, it helps in trapping the cold air from the air-conditioner and prevents it from getting lost. 

Therefore, insulation is extremely crucial in ensuring an ideal home scenario while also being an energy-efficient home. Alternatively, ventilation is also essential for your attic because the constant circulation of air inside the attic is important in keeping the attic free from any fire hazards or suffocating smells. 

  • Air Leaks Around Doors & Windows

Apart from your attic insulation, one of the other things that matter when keeping your home energy efficient is to ensure that there are no air leaks around the windows & doors of your home. Air leaks are quite notorious in not only allowing outside air to seep into your indoor surroundings but also leak inside air to the outside environment. Therefore, the presence of such air leaks will instantaneously be reducing the overall insulation measures laid out inside your home.  

The best way to deal with air leaks would be to install good quality weather strips around your doors & windows. It can be possible that the previous one has worn out and therefore needs to replaced for better effectiveness. 

  • Failures Within Your Furnace System

A simple temperature test within your furnace system will tell you whether your furnace is working within normal limits. If the temperature test tells you that the numbers are high during the furnace’s operation, then it can be possible that the air filters are massively clogged and there is very minimal ventilation.

However, if the temperatures are normal, then you need nothing to do because everything will work according to plans. 

Thus, we sincerely request you to go through each of the aforementioned recommendations in its entirety and take precautionary measures before the summers arrive. 

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