How to Choose the Right Bouncy Castle

There are many things you need to think about when buying a new inflatable bouncy castle. No matter if you’re looking to buy your first inflatable or expand your existing range, it is important to consider all aspects to make the right decision.

Who will be using it?

Are you looking for a bouncy castle that is only suitable for children, or one that can be used by adults? A adult bouncy castle is a better option for some people. This is in case the adults decide to use the children’s bouncy house, which could cause damage.

Some people prefer to attend children’s parties, so a children’s bouncy house would be a better option.

  • Which size is the most manageable?

There are many sizes available for bouncy castles. The inflatable’s size will depend on the person using it.

This is particularly important if the business will be run entirely by you. You should choose a best bouncy castle in auckland or inflatable that is portable and easy to carry. A sack truck can also be purchased to help you transport the inflatable.

  • Which artwork do you believe will be the best?

It is important to have great artwork. We recommend that you choose a non-sex theme for inflatable hire if you’re new to the business. You won’t have to limit who you can hire to your inflatables. For example, a princess bouncy house won’t appeal to many boys.

You can also consider purchasing detachable Velcro Art Sets if you are looking for a few themes.

  • It can be used outdoors or indoors.

There are a few styles you can choose from depending on how often it will be used indoors or outdoors. A-Frame or 4 Post design.

A-Frame bouncy Castles include a sun/rain cover that is fully attached. This makes them ideal for outdoor use in the event of light rains, and also protects from direct sunlight.

The indoor use of a 4-post bouncy castle is ideal, especially if it’s placed in an area with low ceilings. It’s also ideal for indoor use during winter months, when the majority of bookings will be indoor.

  • Your budget

The price of your inflatable will also play a part in the amount you can afford. We have some tips for pricing.

The cheapest is not always the best. The price of the product should be considered. You should also consider the quality of the product. What is the package? How was it made?

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