Hair and gum

There are many benefits to chewing gum. Studies show that chewing gum can lead to weight loss, memory improvement, and lower stress levels. Gum can become extremely sticky if used in the wrong situations.

Gum is made of synthetic rubbers and resins in order to give it its sticky, chewy texture. Gum can stretch if you pull it. Chewing gum has chemical bonds that can make it difficult for objects to be removed, particularly hair.

Many commercial chewing gums can also be hydrophobic, meaning they won’t dissolve in water. They stick better to oily surfaces than water-based gums.

Chewing gum can make it difficult for you to get gum out of your clothes, shoes, and hair. Instead of using scissors to remove chewing gum from hair, you can use these household products.

How to get rid of gum from your hair

Bubble gum can cause hair problems, especially for children younger than 5. For many, scissors seem to be the only and best solution. There are some everyday tools that can be used to avoid cutting.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is an oily, thick substance that has hydrophobic properties. Peanut butter can be used on gum to reduce its sticky nature. This makes it easier to get out of your hair. Both gum and peanut butter are hydrophobic so it is easier for them both to stick together than to dry hair.

Peanut butter can be used to remove gum. Apply peanut butter completely to the hair. Use your fingers to massage the peanut butter into the hair. Wait for it to take effect. You should notice the gum becoming more stiff and easier to remove from your hair.

Oils for cooking

Cooking oil is also hydrophobic. You can easily separate oil and water by mixing them in a jar. Your hair is not damaged by the substances in your cooking oil.

These oils may be effective:

  • Canola oil
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil

Gently rub oil on the gum. You can remove the gum with your fingers or a brush.

Ice cubes

You can freeze gum with ice if oil is too messy. You can remove sticky gum from your hair by freezing it.

For 5 to 15 minutes, apply an ice pack on the gum until it hardens. Wrap your hair with a towel and a few ice cubes to give it an extra boost. This method can be effective, but it is best to only put a little bit of gum in your hair.


Vinegar can also be used to get rid of gum. It’s a solvent that dissolves the bonds between your hair and gum. It can leave behind a strong odor.

You can remove gum by soaking the gum in vinegar. Dip your hair in vinegar, or use a towel to soak it. It is easier to get rid of gum if your hair has been soaked for longer than it should. To give your hair an extra boost, heat the vinegar lightly before you apply it.

It can take some time, depending on how sticky the gum is to your hair. Once the gum starts to dissolve, you can start combing your hair with a wide-toothed comb.

The outlook

Gum stuck to your hair can cause irritation. This is something that can be fixed. Instead of resorting to cutting with scissors, you can use safe household products and other remedies to get rid of gum.

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