How to Move a Piano: All You Need to Know

Many piano owners fear that moving their piano can be difficult. It can be difficult to move a large instrument from one room to another or to different floors. A proper move requires careful preparation. This article will cover everything you need to know about moving a piano.

Piano Moving Options
There are two options when it comes to moving a piano. To hire piano movers in Wellington, or to move the piano yourself. Which is the best option? It all comes down to whether you are willing to work extra or prefer to pay someone else to do it.

  • Identify the model of your piano
    Sometimes, it’s necessary to disassemble a piano prior to moving it. To disassemble and reassemble correctly, it is important to know the model of your piano.
  • Get as many helpers
    Pianos are heavy, massive instruments. You need to ensure your safety and protection.
  • Cover the piano prior to moving it
    The delicate finish of these instruments can easily be scratched or otherwise damaged. Protect the keyboard by covering it with non-slip blankets.
  • Use the right tools to assist in the moving procedure
    A hand truck or moving dolly will give you the safest and best results. These tools provide the most reliable and pure transportation.

How to professionally move a piano

  • Consider piano moving prices
    How much does piano moving cost you? This is a difficult question. There are many variables that affect the price of moving a piano. These variables include the piano’s type and the size of the move. Moves can be expensive so make sure you get a quote before signing anything.
  • Make sure you know where the piano is to be moved
    Communicate this information to the movers before you move your piano upstairs or across a room. This will help you determine the right size and type of piano moving doll that is needed to transport the instrument.
  • Make sure your instrument is protected Professional movers will usually provide special wrapping to protect your piano against scratches. If the company doesn’t offer protective wrapping, make sure you use non-slip blankets to provide protection.

What to do after you move the piano?

There are some essential steps to follow once the moving is completed. Moving can often cause parts to become loose from the piano. We recommend that you tune the piano as soon as possible to fix this problem. You may also see dust buildup due to the move. We recommend giving your piano a thorough cleaning.

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