How To Set Up A New House With A Tight Budget?

If you are moving to a new home or apartment, you may find that your current stock of furniture is a tad Spartan and that you would have to purchase what you require. The challenge is that you happen to be on a tight budget which is why you’ll need to review the various tips and suggestions. These tips should enable you to set up home, even on a tight budget so check it out.

  • Be pragmatic: When it comes to new purchases, you need to be realistic and pragmatic as well. Just purchase what you need and NOT what you want. Chances are that you would want your home to look like something that you may have spotted in an interior décor magazine a while back. Unless you happen to be an interior decorator yourself, you need to accept the fact that may not happen. Your budget is tight so trim the list of what you want and pare it down to a few essential items. You can kick start the process by searching online for Furniture sale in Auckland as that should help list more than a few furniture sales in your current location.
  • Personalize it: Sure, it is a great idea to have decorative items to hang on your walls and even a few prints as well. But all of this would cost money but what you can do is to personalize it, by hanging a few photos and framed pictures on the wall instead of expensive wall hangings. At the least, this should prevent any bare walls, and moreover, the pictures would be of your loved ones as well as those who had quite an influence on your life to date. Meanwhile, you can Google search online for lounge furniture in Auckland and you may even come across a few attractive deals that you would want to take a closer look at
  • Set up a facebook campaign: This may sound corny but it works; all you need to do is to start a facebook campaign and underscore the fact that you are looking for good quality furniture with attractive rates. You may also want to mention the fact that you are on a tight budget. This should help you get quite a few reactions to your post and you may also get an actual offer or more as well. Given that facebook currently boasts of billions of active users per month, you can count on your ad getting a wide audience. Granted it may take a while to weed out the rubbish offers, but you should get more than a few genuine offers to help you with your furniture issues
  • Goodwill store/thrift shop: If you happen to have a goodwill shop or a thrift shop in your location, then you need to check it out first. See if they have what you need since that way you can cut off a few items of your ‘wanted’ list. When it comes to thrift stores, the pricing is as cheap as it gets. But make sure that you review the item in question carefully before purchasing it – for obvious reasons.
  • Discount coupons: You may also want to get a hold of some of those discount vouchers where you can use the same later at a furniture shop to get the requisite item at a discounted price. And you may also want to drop in to some of the local furniture shops for any clearance sales or special sales since all the items in question would come with heavily discounted rates. But the catch here, is that you may have to wait a few months before it is the merry season for you to take advantage of any Christmas or New Year clearance sales.

These handy tips and suggestions listed here should enable you to set up home on a tight budget. Make sure that you remain pragmatic and realistic about what you need and that you purchase just what you need and not more than that.

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