What is the Ideal Place to Install Your Cctv Camera?

You aren’t the only one struggling with this question. 

Now that you have purchased a CCTV security system, you need guidance on how to use it well. The task of a CCTV camera is to be your eyes and ears even when you are away from home. Only when your camera is covering the crucial areas of the premises is when you can make the most of this investment.

Security Camera Placement

Since your family’s safety cannot be put at stake, here is a guide on where to place your CCTV camera for optimal coverage of the property.

The Entry Gate

Wouldn’t it be easier to take preventive measures if you could spot some suspicious activity right at your entry gate? The first camera should be installed at the entrance for the security of your family. This will give you leverage over the burglar by helping you gather your weapons, or even utensils, in time. Watch Home Alone for some crazy yet incredible ideas.

Also, install a camera at the front door for the times when the thieves try to be smart and skip the gate camera. You will thank us later!


Who would enter your garage which is stuffed with useless items, right? Wrong! Garages serve as a great hiding space and entry point for thieves, making it crucial for security system installation for efficient monitoring. You can install the camera facing the driveway and also one inside the garage for added safety.

Back Doors

Back doors serve as the first target for burglars since front doors are usually more guarded. Aside from keeping the back door closed and locked, add an extra layer of protection in the form of a security camera. Do the same for the side doors as well. 

The Interior Spaces

Now that you have covered the outer area, it’s time to pay attention to the indoors. The kids’ bedroom and your bedroom might seem a tempting option for when you are away from home on holiday. However, for the rest of the time, it’s an invasion of privacy for all. 

Stick to the general areas of your home which need monitoring too. Cover the hallways, kitchen, living space, and different floor entrances. Security system installation in these places will help in easier identification of the thief.


Covering both the interior and exterior parts of the windows will work in your favour. The interior camera will give you a better view of the house and cover a larger space. On the other hand, the exterior windows will cover the road and the busy areas while the off-street windows will become your eyes in the dark corners of the property.

Your CCTV cameras are as good as their placement. So, follow this guide to secure your home against burglary and other invasions. Also, you can incorporate other elements of the home security system in your home as well, specifically if you reside in a theft-prone environment. 

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