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We put in a lot of thought into all the major investments we make in life. A car is definitely one of the biggest investments that we make throughout our lifetime, so naturally a lot of thought goes into which car will suit our needs the most. Apart from the look of the car, its colour, model, size, we also need to take into account the functioning of the interior parts, as these parts govern the overall functioning of a car.

You might think that all the cars have the same internal parts, like the same engine and other parts, but that is definitely not the case. Scientists and innovators have worked over the years to modify the internal car parts for a higher performance. When it comes to engines, for sheer speed and power scientists developed turbocharged engines like Navara D40 Turbo. Demon Pro Parts in Melbourne, Australia is a supplier of automotive replacement and performance parts. They ace in supplying turbochargers and a wide range of performance parts for a variety of automobile and fitment.

Basic turbo problems

A turbocharger, also commonly known as turbo, is a forced induction device that is driven by turbine and helps in raising the internal combustion of the engine thus increasing the power and the efficiency output. It does so by forcefully making extra compressed air to enter the combustion chamber. There are various kinds of turbochargers available in the market like Mazda CX7 Turbo. Each of them is suited for a specific car model. So, if you plan on buying a turbocharged engine, make sure you are aware of the basic problems that are often faced in cars having turbocharged engines:

  • Oil delay: As we know, the revolving speed of a turbo is extremely high, almost at 100,000 rpm. Thus, the need of having sufficient amount of oil is of extreme importance. Oil is needed to have the correct pressure and flow rate in order to lubricate the journal bearings and the thrust, stabilize the journal bearings and the shaft and finally, to serve as a coolant prior reaching the high speeds of turbocharger. As the load of the engine and the speed of the turbocharger rise, the need for oil to act as a coolant and a lubricant also rises. If the oil fails to reach the turbocharger on time and there is a small amount of delay, it might result in bearing failure. You can easily recognize this problem through the blueing of the shaft and the bearings. It is nothing but what the colour of the shaft changes to when there is excessive heating.
  • Dirt: It is rather a common belief that if contaminated or dirty oil is used to operate the engine, the oil filters present will filter out any sort of foreign materials present in the oil before channelling it to the engine. However, if your car has a turbocharger, then these practices can result in an extremely costly mistake. The bearings can be seriously damaged by these foreign materials. It might be the case that the amount of dirt present in the oil is large enough to cause wearing of the bearings or to block the turbo’s internal oil passage and in turn starving the entire unit from oil circulation. Before the main engine bearings fail, in majority of the cases the turbo bearings fail as the rotation speed of the turbochargers are much greater than that of the engine.
  • Exhaust: If any foreign materials enter inside a turbocharger, the chances are that it will cause damage to it and even the engine. The type of foreign materials can vary by a great amount. It can be in the form of dust present inside the air system or fragments of engine valve in the exhaust system. If these particles are made to stay in these systems for a long time, the turbocharger will react with black smoke, loss of power, damaged wheels, leakage and excessive use of oil.

These are the few basic problems that a turbocharged engine might face. It is thus essential for the operator to have minimum knowledge in order to at least identify the problem before severe damage occurs.

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