5 Expert Tips on Keeping Your House Warm During the Winters

Come winter, most people opt to use their central heating system round the clock, to warm up their respective homes all through winter. This naturally, leads to a whopping heating bill which is why you may want to check out the rest of the article. These tips are designed to help you whittle down that massive utility bill and some of the tips listed, you should be able to act on the same right away. So go ahead and check them out,

How To Keep House Warm

  • Skylight and Curtains: You may want to make the most out of sunlight and for starters, it is natural, free and it should not cost you anything to use the same. You need to keep the curtains open so as to let the sunlight in. And if you happen to have a skylight, you may want to keep that open as well, especially during the afternoon. This should enable you to warm your home a little more. Given the fact that it can get bitterly cold during winter, it is no wonder that many users often opt for electric underfloor heating. But keeping the curtains open, during midday hours and letting the sun in should help to increase the ambient temperature of your home.

  • Use Timers on Central Heating: You may want to customize your central heating unit to include a timer. That essentially means that you can now set your central heating unit to function only for a limited time and set it up in such a way that the heating is at a lower temperature. By doing so, you should be able to save some money as well.

  • Remove Bockages: You may want to remove the large sofa in front of the radiator as well as other huge impediments, right in the front.  What this means is that the hot air can now radiate freely around the room and this should help heat up the room a lot faster. The same logic applies to all rooms, including bathroom heating.

  • Insulation: A recent study confirmed the fact that households lose over 25% heating due to bad insulation. You need to make sure that your residence is well insulated at all times. This can prevent any unforeseen heat loss and can help your home retain the warmth for longer periods. 

You must also ensure that your home is well insulated by opting for the right sort of insulation. If you choose to cheapen it out at this stage, then chances are that you would be more than likely to experience heat loss during winter.

  • Heating at Optimal Levels: One of the reasons that you may end up with a massive heating bill could have to do with the fact that you often ended up turning the thermostat all the way up. According to several agencies, the optimal temperature for a room is 18 Celsius and that you need to set all the rooms at this temperature, all the time. You can ensure that your rooms are comfortably heated and that a drop of 1 Celsius could help cut down your electricity bill as well.

  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves: You may want to go for thermostatic radiator valves as these controls allow you to optimize your heating. It is always a good idea to go for heating systems where you have a certain degree of control. And with thermostatic radiator valves, you can program your thermostat so that the heating comes on at pre-defined times. Or you could also go for smart thermostats where you can control the same as well as the temperature of your room with your phone.

These are some of the expert tips that you can use to keep your home warm during winter. You can make sure that all your rooms are heated well enough and that the temperature is well maintained at optimal levels. Just make sure that you preset your thermostat so that you can optimize your heating and in the process, help reduce that heating bill as well.

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