Know About A Few Tips And Tricks On Retail Visual Merchandising!


If you are new in the field of retail, then the term retail merchandising might not be that meaningful to you, and you might also not bother to understand its importance. However, those who have been in this industry for some time now, will swear by it. There are thousands and thousands of stores selling the same or similar products — then what makes a particular brand more successful than the rest?

Why do people swear by a certain company’s product? Why a store is more popular and has more footfalls on any given day than the others? Well, these are the typical questions that can be answered with the help of retail merchandising. An extensive umbrella that encloses product display, selection and placement in a particular store — is what can be retail merchandising definition. Sparfacts is a global retail merchandising service provider for retailers, suppliers, marketers and wholesalers. Their goal is to help companies achieve their sales desire by providing personalised retail merchandising services.

Tips and tricks on retail visual merchandising:

As mentioned above, retail merchandising is an extremely broad field that encompass various things that ensure a hike in sales of products and increase the popularity of the brand name. Visual merchandising is one such branch of retail merchandising which basically involves tricks on how products should be placed in a store to attract maximum attention. It is crucial in increasing the sales, and thus in increasing the net revenue of that particular store. Here are a few visual retail merchandising tips that you as a brand owner should definitely know about:

Buyers: The complexity of retail visual merchandising can be scary — that is why we will start with the basics – Keep the buyers in mind! You need to gain hands on experience on what kind of customers are visiting your store on a daily basis so as to analyse them. Studying their character is extremely important, and can give you useful insights about what your customers like. In that way you can highlight products that you think your customers might like, and personalize the store based on their likings.

Senses: Another advanced retail merchandising tip is to engage all of human senses. Most of the stores that you will visit pay most attention to the visuals by jazzing up the display, and some even indulge into soft and soulful in-store music. However, these are only engaging two senses, while we have five! Add that little more oomph to your store by making use of all five human senses. You can use various fragrances around the displays, especially in outdoor stores, to activate various sensations which often plays trick on human brain and can magically hike up your sales! Luxurious fragrance around the lifestyle kiosks and musky fragrance around the sports department can have interesting outcomes.

Strategic placement: Another very important retail merchandising solutions are strategic placement of the products. You must keep in mind that, as a customer walks through your store, his/her energy level keeps on reducing with time. So, place the best and the trendiest items on display right near the entrance, and keep the items on sale at the back. It might increase the chance of them picking up a full priced product even before getting to see the items on sale!

Mannequins: If you are the owner of a store that mainly sells clothes and luxurious jewellery pieces and even other accessories like handbags, shoes etc., then use mannequins! Many shoppers can’t imagine them in particular items, and thus steer clear of many products. So, mannequins can help them to visualize their own self in that particular product. After following such interesting tricks, it will be difficult to overlook the positive retail merchandising signs.

These are only a few tips when it comes to visual merchandising. It you don’t have much experience with it, then it can be quite a bit challenging for you. Hence, seeking help from the professional service providers will give you the absolute best results.

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