Lead the Go Kart Race With These Handy Tips!


Nothing excites you more than a go karting race with friends! And staying back in such an astounding competition is such a shame! But winning does require you to follow sets of guidelines! We know would have read endless blogs by now about how to lead a go kart race with maximum lapse, but have you always followed all that they suggest?

To ensure a win in this amazing race, you require to have a good kart picked up from Melbourne Kart Centre providing go karts for sale in Australia that have excellent grip and latest upgrades! Apart from it, there are other factors as well which are mandatory to be followed, and you need to be versed well with those for a rewarding win in such an enthralling race!

Win the go kart race through these easy yet effective steps!

We have got some useful, handy and super easy tips that are going to assure a win against all experts if you follow these properly! Excited to explore? Read on!

  • Hands on the wheel — When you are geared up for the ‘ready steady go’ command, ensure your hands are all ready and properly positioned on the wheels. One hand at 2 and the other at 10 would be perfect here! Just don’t lose your grip. If you lose it, you stay back in the race! Avoid those thumbs up signs and other such distractions (you’d have plenty of time for that once you win!).
  • Sit perfectly still —Buckle up properly and don’t lag while you’re seated. Don’t lean back or forward. Pushing your weight around too much while driving distracts your position, concentration and may hamper safety (your clothes can be stuck somewhere)! So, focus — sit still!
  • Get versed with the brakes quicklyEach kart is different. Some are brand new and have a smooth brake, while some do have jammed ones. When you’re ready to rock, get versed with it and practice braking for a while when you are warming up. This would avoid future issues due to brakes.
  • Don’t lose momentum— Look ahead and anticipate the movements you’ll be making. Glancing here and there hampers your concentration and even your momentum. And losing momentum means staying behind.
  • Stay straight for maximum time — The best mantra to stay ahead is stay straight as much as you can! Because diversions and turns means losing momentum in some way or another.
  • Avoid braking while turning — Your tyres tend to lose traction when you use the brake at turns. This often lead to spins and major slow downs while racing. Ensure a smooth, swift turn rather using the brakes.
  • Never apply the brake and accelerator together — Application of accelerator and brakes together would bring you to a sudden halt, and this would keep your competitors way ahead! Avoid this huge mistake while racing.

Go karting can be a gripping race and there’s going to be a tough competition from your competitors too! But remember, don’t concentrate on passing those drivers, rather focus on having the maximum and fastest laps to win the race! If you are following these above tricks, the victory cup is yours for sure!

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