List Of Free Blogging Platforms


A blog shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and leg.

If you want to check out a list of no-cost blogging platforms, you’ve found the right website. As we are writing this article, there are still some good alternatives!

Free blogging websites won’t work for everyone, but if you are seeking a platform to publish your work and don’t need many customizations or other features (or you’re skilled enough to make them by yourself), Then one of these sites could be the right fit for you.

List of Free Blogging Platforms

Let’s review the various options available on the free blogging platforms available on the market so you can choose one that best matches your needs.

Be aware that even if you purchase a website domain, you can get a subdomain from the website host you intend to host your blog.


A lot of writers have started Substack newsletters. It’s also an excellent option for bloggers. It’s free to begin, but there’s also an option for a premium subscription (Substack will get a percentage of operating costs).

If you have a blog elsewhere, Substack allows you to upload your blog posts and emails to their platform at the time of setup.

Here’s a fascinating use example that shows how an author published her novel in serial form using Substack.


In the past few years, Medium has become one of the more well-known blogging platforms.

When you sign up with Medium, they do not have a website. However, you can begin creating a blog using Medium within the time of signing up by logging in with an account.

Medium also offers an internal search engine, meaning that users can search for your blog posts and decide to sign up. There’s also a payment option within Medium in case your blog is performing well and attracting enough people.


Wix is a well-known blogging platform for those seeking an unpaid platform.

With Wix, when you expand your website or upgrade your domain, hosting, or website generally, various options are available to pay and pay for it quickly. Upgrades will also permit you to take payments.

If you possess technical expertise, Wix is easy to create since you can utilize drag-and-drop features to design the overall design of your website.

Dotcom is one of one of the alternatives that provides free websites. You’ll have to set up Dot org on a site you purchased for hosting, the domain, and other things like that.

With, there are fewer options to modify your website and overall look, but you can select templates that are best suited to your free blog.

Should You Use a Free or Paid Blogging Platform?

If you intend to start taking the blogging process seriously, you’ll decide to go with a paid platform or create your website (hosting templates, domains, hosting, etc. ).

But, utilizing a free blogging platform is an excellent opportunity to try out the platform before committing any more than your time.

A few free blogging platforms have built-in designs, meaning you only need to do something else besides write. This greatly benefits those needing technical knowledge to construct or maintain their websites.

Cons of Free Blogging Platforms

Here are some reasons not to utilize an unpaid blogging platform.

Could not be able to accept payments.

Free blogging platforms do not allow payments, so double-check whether they allow it. If they do, it’s something you’re looking for from an online platform.

You don’t have a custom domain.

The free price means you will use the domain provided by the platform and not your own. Some of the free options offer an upgrade to your part that you can customize; therefore, if this is something you value, consider checking that out before starting.

Issues with search engines

Sometimes, search engines prioritize sites that are on their domain name versus those that don’t and have a free platform.

Is Blogging Still Worth It?

Although social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok dominate the content creation market, There are many advantages to setting up and maintaining blogs.

One reason is one reason is to generate an additional income stream. Yes, blogs generate income and create a full-time income for writers.

However, blogs can also be beneficial in creating a space to talk about your ideas or to practice writing. You can improve your writing skills by regularly working on your essay publicly.

Another reason for starting the blog could be that you make it an opportunity to showcase your work or as a way of getting writing jobs. If you have something that is top-quality for clients and publications to view and review, it improves your chances of getting the job.

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