List Of Issues Caused By Moisture Intrusion In Homes

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that water is your home’s mortal enemy. Water can quickly destabilise foundations, create the ideal atmosphere for mould infestations and can easily rot wooden structures. 

Therefore, when you’re carrying out a home inspection with the help of a home inspector, you need to be sure that you detect any source of water damage as well as moisture. Not only that, but you also need to ensure that such problems are addressed properly so that you don’t have to deal with the same in future (in case you end up purchasing the home).

The Absolute List Of Problems Caused By Moisture Intrusion

  • The Roof Is Leaking

Professional home inspector in Long Island states that one of the common paths of infiltration for water into a house is through the roof. The roof is said to be the first line of defence against the intrusion of water molecules. If the roof has been built weakly, then it will quickly lose the battle against the water molecules. 

You must learn that most roofs tend to last around 20 years or so, after which it needs to be repaired. When you buy a new house with a new roof, most of the time it will come with a warranty. For instance, you’ll get 10 years warranty for the craftsmanship and another 20 years for the materials. 

However, sometimes due to improper installation, the overall lifespan of some roofs tend to be shorter. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that you cannot expect the roof of your newly bought home to last multiple years just because it has been installed recently. 

Some of the potential symptoms of a leaking roof include buckling, curling and broken shingles. Moreover, when the roof shingles start shedding multiple granules, they tend to approach the end of their lives. And when roof shingles are not at their best shape, water can easily pass through them, enter the attic and thereby drip into your home interiors

  • The Infestation Of Moulds & Mildews

Even though you can categorise moulds & mildews as something unattractive, they have been around for centuries up to and till this point. Furthermore, you can easily clean them up using bleaching powder.

Moulds & mildews only grow in humid and moist environments. Exposure of human beings to moulds & mildews can lead to various cold-like symptoms along with respiratory illnesses, especially in adults. Some of the symptoms include wheezing, coughing, asthma, trouble when breathing and so on. Thus, it’s vital to get rid of such infestation as quickly as possible. 

We hope you liked our comprehensive guide on the multiple negative effects of moisture infestation in homes. And in case you’re planning to hire an experienced home inspector, simply call us today. 

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