Mobile Detailing Tips: Tree Sap Removal


What do you do if you can’t get tree sap off your car after you have washed it to perfection? You might think that more drastic methods of sap removal than a thorough washing will cause damage to your paint and clear coat. But did you know that leaving sap on your vehicle and hoping it goes away can be worse?

Leonard Raykinsteen from Nissan’s paint engineering says that although it is hard to predict the immediate effects, “tree sap will cause paint damage if left untreated over a longer time.” . . The effects of tree sap accelerate when it’s hot.

This means that you should remove any sap from your vehicle as soon as possible. The tree sap can cause damage to the car’s paint and clear coat over time.

There are many proven methods to safely remove tree sap without damaging your paint job.

These are some of our top recommendations:

Alcohol rub

Simple rubbing alcohol can be used to soften and remove sap from your car’s exterior. It’s a quick and easy fix that won’t need a new cleaner if you have it handy.

Use the rubbing alcohol to soak a towel from a shop or a soft rag and rub the sap spots. You should use enough rubbing alcohol to moisten the sap without it vaporizing too fast. However, you shouldn’t leave the sap standing in your car for too long. Give it a thorough scrub to get rid of most of the sap.

There will likely be some stubborn spots that won’t move after rubbing alcohol. However, they should become soft enough to be easily scratched off with your fingernail and the edge of a credit card. To remove any stickiness, wipe the area with rubbing alcohol. Finally, wax the area to restore the car’s shine.

Bug and Tar Removal

Bug and Tar Remover is an excellent choice if you are still nervous about rubbing alcohol on the vehicle. It is specially formulated to remove sticky or hardened substances, such as tree sap, bugs, and road construction tar. This cleaner is versatile and can remove any stubborn dirt from your otherwise clean car.

Use some Bug and Tar Remover on a damp cloth or sponge. Then, place the cloth over the tree sap. Let it soak in for 30 seconds. If you have a particularly hard drop of sap, you can leave it on for longer. However, make sure that the Bug and Tar remover does not dry on your vehicle.

After the sap has been soaked in the cleaner, you can rub it until it is gone. This may require you to repeat the process multiple times. You can use your fingernail again to scrape away the remaining sap once the sap has softened.

Once the area has been cleaned, you can re-wax it to restore its protective shine.

Get in touch with the professionals.

Our final tip is to call professionals if you don’t have time to remove tree sap manually. Experts in removing sap and other stubborn grime, auto detailing professionals can clean and polish any car to perfection. Mobile detailing in Jacksonville FL can be brought to you wherever you are to avoid wasting time on tree sap removal.

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