Most Ignored Moving Tips that Can Actually save You a Lot of Money and Time!


As your moving day nears, you tend to become a bundle of nerves even though most of your work is done. We all know or at least can understand how much stress and confusion you can face on your moving day. There’ll be boxes and clutter everywhere in the house, you wouldn’t find what you want easily, and a feeling of being at a loss prevails until you get settled in your new home.

We are sure you would have planned your packing and unpacking already. You’ve gone through the change of address procedure properly and even booked for the professional end of tenancy cleaning service for your home beforehand. Apart for this, your stuff would have been systematically packed and are ready to move to the new place. Even if you are moving house for the first time, you would be entirely ready, with these major matters taken care of! What you often forget are the tiniest details, that we don’t even think much about, but can impact your moving process! 

Important yet Inconspicuous steps that you probably forgot!

We have compiled a list of seemingly unimportant matters that will impact you much later, and would actually provide relief from a lot of end of the moment stress and even save time for you! Read about those important steps below.

  • Arrange for Removalists: f you haven’t still considered calling them, call and book them now! If you think you can transfer the boxes in your car or lift heavy furniture on your own, or can only fix a transport and do the rest on your own, you are actually risking your wellbeing and even that of your belongings. Your stuff may get damaged due to mistakes during amateurish attempts of moving them. And booking just a local transport means shedding more money. While removalists take care of all the hassle of packing, moving, unpacking etc. — and don’t even cost you much! Enright’s Removals are affordable removals in Caloundra who promise a smooth and safe moving day by taking professional and proper care of your belongings and transferring them as conveniently and safely as possible.
  • Secure a Storage: Sometimes you may not be fortunate enough to have a home ready when you vacate the older one. During this time, storage helps you a lot. You can arrange for reliable storage space for your belongings for a few days or weeks until you find a good space to settle in. You may have to stay at a hotel or at a friend’s place until then. Be sure to pack for that separately.
  • Hire a Babysitter: With everything else ready for the moving day, even you have to be ready and active too. You’ll have to look after all the arrangements and make sure everything is going as you planned. But with kids, this can be dangerous, as they may get hurt with the furniture and boxes lying haphazardly around and during the process of loading/unloading the stuff. They’ll be extremely cranky because of the diverted attention. A babysitter would keep them engrossed and tuck them in their bedroom while you carry on the important tasks.
  • Clear your Driveway and Passages: Your furniture is all packed and ready to be moved, but is there a clear way to bring it out? You know furniture weighs tonnes, and the people picking those up are doing a great job in managing them efficiently. But if the passage is cluttered or blocked and the driveway is crowded with the stuff too, you know this can be dangerous and even taxing. Better keep these areas as clear as possible for easy loading/unloading.
  • Create Parking Space for the Trucks: If you have a good amount of furniture and stuff, then you’ll require more than one truck. Be sure to keep the parking space ready for the same to avoid any inconveniences later.
  • Arrange for the Elevator Usage: n an apartment or a building, furniture and other items would be carried in elevators. Be sure to let the head of the building or the caretaker know about it beforehand and keep it ready for the task.   

And you now know and understand how important these small things are, and how easily we tend to forget to arrange for these entirely. Better tick them off your checklist along with the other tasks while moving.

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