What went wrong in my house’s waterproofing work?

So, you recently completed the waterproofing work of your house. And after the payment for the process, you are finding some of the leakages still very much prevalent in the place. Sadly, there was something wrong in this entire procedure that is giving way to such drastic results so soon. Normally, a waterproofing job once done properly doesn’t give you issues for around five to six or even ten years. But if you are finding the issues so soon, you have to look into this matter urgently.

The issues leading to problems in waterproofing work

If you collect the surveys conducted by the insurance agencies, you will find that surprisingly lots of houses and properties do get damaged severely because of waterproofing problems in the place. This shows us the need to carry out this job really very accurately and perfectly. But now since you are witnessing such an issue, there might be one of these three problems in the waterproofing job that you completed recently.

  • Improper preparation — Don’t forget that proper preparation stays the base of perfect good work. If you don’t clean the area that’s to be waterproofed or the water isn’t completely dried, the results are bound to be doubtful. Also, if everything wasn’t accurately planned and you spent very less time in the base to get dried or ready for the procedure, again you’ll view the reactions within a very short period of completing the work. That is why keeping an eye on the preparation work and starting the waterproofing process only after the base is ready to accept the material stays so crucial.
  • The wrong selection of material — You will get a dozen options available in the market for waterproofing purposes. And there are different variants of them for distinct places. But if you’re not careful about the type of materials for waterproofing for your house, this is going to give you issues soon. It is always better that you let your experts in waterproofing in Auckland like Best Skills tackle this job completely. They provide all sorts of waterproofing solutions for each and every area of your house and even select the material required with care. The result is obviously long-lasting waterproofing work in your place.
  • Adhesive failure — Another very common reason for the problems occurring in your waterproofing work is an adhesive failure. If the adhesive isn’t that strong during the application, it will definitely give way to water easily. And apart from the low quality of material or adhesive utilized, even the wet surfaces cause adhesive failures in such situations. But if the contractors you hire are aware of the membranes properly and know the power of their adhesive as per the area you are using them on, then this issue can be avoided.

Waterproofing is all about protecting your building against moisture and its drastic effects on your property. But if you are leaving space for these loopholes, you’re sure to waste your money, time, and sometimes even the strong foundation of your house due to them. While just a bit of precaution and wise decisions can change the game for you. 

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