Essential Things You Need to Know Before Opting for Home Exterior Painting


There’s nothing in this world that will give your home a fresh look than opting for a new coat of exterior paint. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to improve the curb appeal of your home or just want a nice looking home to stay in again – at the end opting for exterior painting seems the most plausible choice for most homeowners out there. Painting your home in the colours you love will breathe in a new life to your shelter, in which you spend most of your time. 

While on the surface, you might think that the process is very easy to carry forward and complete on time – but the truth is far from that. You need to know the right tips and tricks to ensure that your exterior painting procedure with the help of house painters in Auckland services goes along smoothly.

Some Handy Tips & Tricks To Know Before Going In For Home Exterior Painting
  1. Knowing If It’s The Right Time

There are indeed a few obvious signs that your house will try to give it to you, such as paint is cracking and chipping away. Apart from that, there are also some less obvious signs as well, such as water is seeping through the walls and damping the entire house structure. There’s no such setup timeline that you can follow besides using your conviction. 

However, if you want general guidance, then it should be known that most experts suggest repainting every five to ten-year intervals – which also depends on numerous factors as well. The factors are as follows:

  • The climate the house has endured during this period.
  • The overall quality of the earlier paint job that was done. 
  • The way the housing structure was maintained over the years.

Below is a guide letting you know about the general time frame for repainting intervals for each type of material surface:

  • Brick  15 to 20 years interval.
  • Cement 10 to 15 years interval.
  • Wood 3 to 7 years interval.
  1. The Best Season To Do Exterior Painting

There’s a reason why you don’t see homeowners trying to paint their homes in the middle of the winter season because painting the exterior of your home is not a small feat and cannot be carried out in any season you want it to. Exterior painting is done in only one season and that is the summer, spring or autumn season because you need to avoid the rain and cold weather. 

Furthermore, the warm temperature will help in the drying up of the paint on the building structure, making the process easy and quick to finish.

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