Important Points to Keep in Mind When Having Open Shelves in Your Kitchen!

You will find a lot of debate and contradictions on the concept of open shelves in your kitchen! These could be excellent or most inconvenient – crux, it’s all about how you manage and tackle them! If we believe the experiences of people in general, the surveys and the experts, most think that open shelves in a kitchen can be a super choice! So, what’s the catch to enjoy this option to the hilt?

Tips to make the most of the open shelving in your kitchen

If you want to follow the recent trends in kitchen renovations in Cairns, contact Paulene Benko Interiors. They are the pioneers in kitchen designing and will ensure that your renovated culinary space looks fabulous and stays intact for years. But for this renovation (and also for adding the open shelves) in your kitchen, you need maintenance guidelines, and here they are!

  • Best to combine closed and open storage — There isn’t a rule book saying that an open kitchen should be all open and bare! Adopt a layout that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds – in fact, this mix n match allows you to add more texture, charm, character, and design elements to your kitchen.
  • Arrange it as per convenience—You don’t need to display the entire kitchen stock and supply on your open shelves and let dirt and grime rule. The key here is to display in an organized and aesthetic way so that your kitchen does not seem to be in the middle of mayhem.
  • Convert the extra space into a pantry — There is probably more than sufficient space in your shelves. Instead of leaving that area empty and spoiling the look of your kitchen, fill it with your extra stock and pantry items. This is a win-win situation for you as the items you require often will be at your easy reach, and the empty shelves won’t feel out of the place.
  • The shelves can be a great partition – Do you have a large kitchen area and want to divide it into two for proper space management? Just place your kitchen shelves in the middle of the room — and yes, you can utilize the space from both sides. Remember to add some décor elements in some of the shelves to make it all look well-coordinated.
  • Stack up stylishly — Your kitchen and the shelves are totally dependent on you for their final good looks! So, show your stylish creativity here. Stack the items in a nice theme and make those shelves look presentable. But remember not to stack up to the brim for it hampers a neat look and also risks breakage.
  • Turn them the other way — If you don’t want the items in your shelves to build up grease and get dirty, then you can always place them the other side of the cooktop or main functional area of the kitchen from where all the smoke and fume emanate. They’ll still be easily accessible but not too vulnerable to smoke and dust.

Now you can safely and happily design your kitchen with some open shelving and maintain them properly too! 

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