Planning To Buy A Used Surfboard? Here’s What You Need To Know


Buying second hand or used surfboards can be a smart decision, especially when you only have an occasional use of a surfboard or want to save some serious money. Although, buying a used surfboard can help you save money and satisfy your surfing needs, there are some things that you need to look out for and keep in mind when making the decision of going for a second hand product.

Sometimes used surfboards are in perfect condition, hardly used while at other times they may have small damages which might need small repairs to get it back in a condition to be safely used. Here are some things that you should know when planning to buy a used surfboard.

1. Ask to See The Surfboard Completely Clean

Ask the seller of the used or second hand surfboards in UK to show it to you when it’s completely clean of paraffin. This is required because paraffin could hide small cracks and damages in the surfboard. To identify and notice the accurate condition of the surfboard, ask the seller to clean it of any products and then you should inspect it.

While inspecting the surfboard for damages and cracks, also notice the colour of the surfboard. The colour of the surfboard can tell a lot about its condition. In case the colour is getting yellowish, it means that it has been exposed in the sun for a long time which might have affected its solidity.

Also look for whether there is a change in the shade of the colour of the surfboard because that could mean that it’s been repaired before. In that case, check the repairs to see whether it’s properly repaired or not.

2. Firm or Not

While checking the colour of the surfboard, you will be able to assess its firmness but you should still do the following firmness check.

  • Place the surfboard facing the ground
  • Gently press in the center of the board and see whether it’s sinking in easily or not
  • Also, press both sides towards the centre, again to check whether it’s sinking

Now, if the surfboard IS sinking in the center, do not buy it. It means that it’s weak and can split any moment which is not safe.

3. Size of Cracks and Marks

Usually all second hand surfboards have some kind of cracks and marks. What you need to look out for, is the size of these cracks and marks. In case of any major cracks or marks, you will have to check how that is affecting the buoyancy and firmness of the board. Try and avoid buying any surfboard with major cracks and marks, even if they are repaired. Spend a bit more and buy another used surfboard that might have less cracks, marks and repairs. This isn’t just true for second hand surfboards but also for any second hand kayaks in Devon, don’t buy them if they have major cracks and repairs.

4. How It Feels To Touch

You should use all your senses to thoroughly inspect the surfboard you plan to buy. Once you’re done inspecting the surfboard with your eyes, use your sense of touch to look for any cracks or dents that might have missed your eye. Run your hand all over the surfboard, especially the area of the keels, and the two ends; nose and bottom. Look for any roughness on the surfboard.


Apart from inspecting the surfboard, take it out for a test surf if the seller allows you. Actually using the surfboard to surf is going to give you the exact idea about the condition of the surfboard and you’ll be able to make a much better decision regarding the purchase of the same.

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