Property Checks – A Few Must Knows


If you own a property that you plan to sell or are buying a new one, it is vital that you get a property check that covers every aspect of the house and surrounding area. In fact, if you have been living on the same property for years, regular property checks can help you get up-to-date on its overall condition. 

When Should You Get Property Checks Done?

  • When buying/selling property
  • Before renting your property out 
  • If you have refurbished the house and changed electrical systems, plumbing systems, or any other major systems. 
  • You’re constructing a new house on your property or have some extra construction happening  

Depending on what the inspection is for, there are different types that cover different aspects. 

Pre-purchase/pre-sale property checks aim to ensure that the house is habitable by checking smoke and fire detectors, evac systems, plumbing, etc. 

They also carry out other construction inspections like checking your electrical and plumbing systems, the structural elements of the house like roofing, drywall, etc. 

Fire inspections include checking the house for adequate fireproofing, fire hazards, functioning and placement of smoke alarms, etc. 

Another type of assessment (that rarely happens) is an environmental site assessment. This happens for commercial sites, large family homes, or houses with some land around that could hold potential hazards. Environmental assessments look for mold, asbestos, radiation, etc. that are hazardous. The procedure in case any hazards are found depends on the local regulations. You can talk to local companies around you who can give you wholesome information about the process.

Your house has to pass certain health and safety standards for you to be able to sell or rent it out. Some regulations may require you to perform these property checks each time you re-rent a place. It is important to know your city’s rules for property checks and stay updated on them. 

Property checks usually involve an appraisal of the whole property, so you will know the real value of it in the market. Your property may be more valuable than you think!

It also lends confidence to both you as a seller and to the buyer to have an up-to-date property check.

Remember to have a thorough talk with the people who handle your property checks. You should be able to trust them to get the job done and also make sure that they provide a detailed report to you later on. Find out the duration of these checks and what your role in it will be.


Keeping your property updated is a great way to ensure your or your tenants’ safety. You’ll also become aware of any damages and repairs that need to be done. 

Check with your local companies for the different kinds of inspections they offer and which is the right one for you!

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