Quick guide to using your Pax 2

Hey! This page is probably because you purchased a Pax 2 – a smart, stylish vaporizer.
This guide will help you get the most from your Pax 2
The box will contain the following items:

  • Pax 2 device
  • Mouthpiece raised
  • Magnetic oven lid
  • Charger
  • 10x Cleaning Tools

Charging your Pax 2

When all four LEDs glow, your battery is fully charged. This should take approximately two hours.
Do a quick burn off in the Pax 2 oven.
It is worth doing a quick “burn-off” of the Pax’s oven after the battery has been fully charged. Sometimes, residue from manufacturing can remain in the oven of your Vaporizer. This can impact the flavor of your first session.

This will allow you to power on the Pax once you have pressed the power button at the middle of the mouthpiece.
For five minutes, leave the Pax 2 oven on. For the final burn-off, repeat this process.
Packing your Pax 2
We are now ready to go!
The magnetic oven cover should be removed from the bottom of your Pax. Make sure you’ve mended your herbs well before placing them in the oven.
Your herbs should be packed tightly and the oven at least half-full. This will ensure that your Pax is as efficient as possible.
Select your mouthpiece
You can use the Pax 2 uk with the standard flat mouthpiece or the raised one.
Although the flat mouthpiece is discreet and easy to use, many prefer the more natural feeling of the raised mouthpiece.
Powering your Pax 2
The Pax 2 should be turned on by pressing the power button at the center of the mouthpiece. The vaporizer will immediately heat up.
The LEDs will turn purple when heated up and green once it has reached its set temperature.
Modifying the temperature settings for your Pax 2
There are four temperature settings on the Pax 2. You can adjust the temperature by setting your Pax to temperature mode.

This is done by holding the power button down until the LEDs turn yellow.
You can now cycle through all four settings by pressing once the power button. Each LED corresponds with a temperature setting, with 1 being the coldest and 4 the hottest.

Hold the power button down for a longer time until the LEDs change from yellow to purple, or green.

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