A Reminder of your Rights for all the Taxi Passengers Out There!


Taxis have become an important part of our lives. They are one of the fastest and easiest modes of ground transportation. They are a crucial part of business, travel, and everyday lives all over the world. If we stop to think about the first ever taxi, it would probably take us about 200 years back in the history of civilization. Today, it has evolved into different varieties — like standard yellow taxis to luxurious sedans or limos. You can now choose your taxi ride from a luxurious fleet of vehicles and travel in utmost comfort.

The taxi originally gets its name from the taxi meter. It’s an electronic device that calculates your fare for you. It automatically shows the amount to be charged, based on a fixed fare rate. The device calculates the distance travelled, along with the waiting time, before deciding on the final fare. Yes, the payment system of taxis is as easy as that. And an easier and even more convenient usage of taxis is the pre-booked option of Melbourne airport private transfers. Melbourne Silver Service Cab is your best option when it comes to choosing airport cabs in that locality. You can book these from anywhere in the city to the Melbourne airport and vice versa, and enjoy the first-class, chauffeured, luxury taxi service.

A list of passenger rights that you can’t miss out on:

So, booking your taxi and having a great ride is one thing, and losing out on your passenger rights is another. Besides getting a comfortable seat on the taxi, there are a lot more facilities that you should expect out of your silver service Melbourne taxi ride. Being well-informed about such rights is going to benefit you in ways more than one, while travelling. Wait, you don’t have a clear idea about them? Well, no worries, as we are happy to help. So, these are the list of amenities that a taxi service should always deliver to its passengers:

  • Reliable driver: One of the first and foremost rights of any taxi rider is to have a trusted taxi driver. He should obey the traffic rules and make sure about the safety of the passengers. He should be a licensed driver and carry his driver’s licence or identity card at all times.
  • Route Choice: You always have the choice of selecting your own route to reach your destination. It’s your right to give directions to the taxi driver and he’s bound to obey. But yes, if you aren’t good with directions, we recommend you to leave it to your driver for the most convenient travel path.
  • Fare meter: You are entitled to a taxi that has a meter showing zero when you step in. Passengers have every right to step out of the taxi in case of sceptical taxi meter readings. Just make sure to give the meter a check before you set out on the ride.
  • Payment options: If you are thinking about paying your cab driver using your credit/debit card, he’s entitled to accept it. If the taxi doesn’t support card payments, the service should let you know beforehand. Also, you can always ask the driver for a receipt of the fare.
  • In-house amenities: Now, it’s the right of every passenger to be provided with clean, well-maintained, air-conditioned taxis. Though, it’s up to you if you want the air conditioner to be on or off. Also, there’s nothing like good music on a journey. But, it’s up to the passenger if he wants a musical ride or a quiet one.
  • Sharing the ride: You are entitled to exclusive rights on the taxi that you have hired. If you want to share your ride with someone else you just met at the airport who’s travelling to the same location as yours, you can do so. It’s your choice, travelling with or without other passengers.

So, these were some of the most basic and important passenger rights. Keep these in mind, make sure your driver or service provider is not taking any undue advantage in any way, and you are bound to have a great ride.


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